Medicine Creek

With severe weather and several inches of rain flooding Wayne County beginning May 17, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds issued a disaster proclamation on May 29. Wayne County along with nine other counties in the State of Iowa must work to determine weather related damages to have documentation provided to the state by Friday, June 14.

Emergency Management Director Bill Byrns and Assistant Engineer Dan Carpenter informed the Board of Supervisors on June 3 the largest project in Wayne County looks to be the damage to Medicine Creed Wildlife Area Lake.

“We are working on our documentation for FEMA,” Carpenter began. “Obviously the Medicine Creek issue is going to be our biggest deal. The reports have pictures with them so we have decent before shots and then we have the pictures we have taken afterwards so that will be a big deal.”

“If it wasn’t for that the rest of our stuff would be fairly minimal,” Carpenter continued. “We have a few places where rock washed off the road and several tubes washed out but that’s been somewhat of an ongoing problem.”

“Now correct me if I’m wrong but the state has 4.5 million for this declaration and Wayne County’s is at $24,000?” asked Byrns.

 “Yes that’s the threshold and that down there at Medicine Creek is probably a $100,000 deal,” said Carpenter. “I could be off but it’s going to be a big deal. I’m going off of those being 12 by 12 box culverts and they are 156 feet long. We shouldn’t have to replace the whole thing.”

“So what is the process then and what is June 14?” asked Secretary Denise Becker.

“That is the date the state wants as much information as possible,” said Byrns

“What we are doing now is we are going out taking pictures getting GPS locations and coordinates to match so they have documentation of each location,” answered Carpenter. “And they want dollar amount estimates on what it’s going to take.”

“The rest of what we are working on is for RAGBRAI,” Carpenter stated.

The RAGBRAI route will travel through roughly 20 miles in Wayne County. The secondary roads department is working on shouldering and patching for the route.

David Eckles was present to address his concerns regarding snow removal from the previous winter months when a tube was damaged near his garage and ruts created.

“My problem is with the drain pipe on the back of my garage,” Eckles began. “The guy that does the blading used his blade, went off the road and scraped all the gravel off the drainpipe, broke it apart and it’s a mess. And somebody left a rut where if somebody went off the road they probably would ruin their axle, tie rod or tire. It needs to be bladed and some gravel put in there. I’ve been living with this for six months now.”

“We have plans to get down there to do it, we just have a long list,” said Carpenter.

“Oh I’m sure,” Eckles said. “Do you have any idea when you can get it fixed? Are you talking a month, two months?”

“It won’t take long, it’s just a matter of getting there,” Carpenter answered. “It’s in a work order and it’s been on the list to do. If things keep going the way they are and we get some sunshine I would think we could be there in the next month.”

“Okay that’s great!” Eckles said. “Let’s hope we get some dry weather.”

Treasurer Kim Swearingin requested a suspension of taxes for a parcel in Seymour. The motion was approved to suspend taxes from the 2017 fiscal year in the amount of $278.

A motion was approved to accept a quote from Tyler Technologies in the amount of $42,000 plus an estimated $7,500 for travel with an annual fee of $25,825 for bundling scanner services. It was also approved for Swearingin to purchase a flatbed scanner in the amount of $1,600 for her office.

Supervisor Tom Swearingin proposed the idea of holding monthly department head meetings. It was decided to hold monthly meetings the first Monday of each month that falls on a date where a Board of Supervisors meeting is not scheduled. The first meeting was scheduled for June 10.

Auditor Michelle Dooley presented the County Seal in electronic format that will be used in upcoming elections. The Seal was approved.

A quote was approved for the removal of four trees within the courtyard of the Wayne County Courthouse. Tom’s Affordable Tree Service will remove the trees with costs being paid by Corydon Community Betterment, $1,000; City of Corydon, $1,000 and Wayne County, $1,000.

The next Board of Supervisors meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 17 at 9 a.m.

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