Dean and Donna Bracewell

Dean and Donna Bracewell

With the new year now well underway, 2020 is bringing exciting new opportunities for one couple. Dean Bracewell, former Wayne graduate and his wife Donna moved out of their home before transitioning to an apartment and now are off making their last visits to friends and family before heading off on their next adventure.

“We sold our home and moved into an apartment, now we’ve left that apartment since our contract was up and now we are Rolling Stones until January 13,” said Donna.

On Jan. 13 they will be headed to Paraguay to begin their work as missionaries for the next four years. They are working with the Christian & Missionary Alliance with the main goal of supporting churches.

“We will also be teaching in a bible seminary,” said Dean. “We will be consulting and supporting three local churches in the capital city Asunción. This is a city of about 500,000 people and we will be supporting a new pastor with a church that is restarting and needs some support.”

This won’t be the first time the Bracewell’s have headed off for missionary work as they met one another for the first time when in a short term missionary program. This was a two-year program in Mexico City at the time just after their college years.

In the last 30 years they have also traveled across the United States working in several churches in the Bronx, Lancaster, Pa., Moorestown, N.J. and Randolph, N.J.

“We hope to see all three of these churches thriving and all three with well over 100 people as right now they are under 50,” Dean commented. “We hope to see them on their way towards some solid growth and add formation of elders and add in training for future pastors and other workers.”

“My wife’s favorite area includes training Sunday school teachers and my personal favorite is training preachers, elders and church musicians,” Dean added.

As Dean and Donna were making their traveling circle to visit family members one planned stop was coming back to Dean’s hometown here in Corydon where he was set to preach services at the First Baptist Church this past Sunday on Jan. 5.

“The First Baptist of Corydon is where I first had the call to mission with the possibility of either going into the pastorate or going overseas and really we’ve done both,” said Dean. “We’ve lived in different countries in Latin America and also pastored in Hispanic churches in the United States and supported churches in three different states.”

“We have never departed from the missionary call, in a way we let the mission fields come to us in the past 30 years,” Dean continued. “It’s been very exciting having spent two years in Latin America it gave us enough preparation to make a real spiritual home for immigrants that were coming to the United States.”

Dean and Donna will be joining teams of several couples in Paraguay including one where the wife is from Iowa as well.

“She’s a farmer’s daughter from just west of Corydon and we are excited to work with them,” said Dean. “Our team however is very international. Our field director and another couple is Peruvian.”

Dean and Donna are looking forward to this new opportunity as they admit they find a great deal of satisfaction in teaching the scripture.

“We love to see the difference it makes in people’s lives when they are built up with the gospel,” Dean stated. “We love teaching the gospel. Everyone is a sinner and we all make mistakes and commit sins as everyone is a mixture of good and bad but through the grace of God through Christ, anyone that calls on the name of the Lord can get right with God.”

“We like seeing the power of God change people,” Donna added.

“I am so grateful to the First Baptist Church in Corydon as it was an excellent home church and I am very grateful for the positive impact it has always had on my life,” Dean said. “The Wayne Community School was such a great school system as well and it really did have a big impact on my life.”

Anyone wishing to follow the Bracewell’s on their journey can contact them at for news updates.

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