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During the May 20 meeting held by the Board of Supervisors, an empty seat could not be found as several were in attendance to discuss a previous contract regarding work done on 200th street in which an agreement was made several Amish would pay the expenses on. The contract had been handled under former Wayne County Engineer Trevor Wolf and those in attendance questioned the increase in the bill.

“I just want to apologize for the way it has been going,” said James Stutsman. “It was a rough winter with bills piling up and I do plan to pay what I owe.”

“I am going to stick up for you though,” said Supervisor Duffy Kester. “It happens and I know it will be taken care of.”

“It is tough when we agreed to pay $52,000 and then we got the bill and it was over $100,000,” said Levi Schlabach.

“I feel the board should look at the cost,” said Kester. “If the attorney and treasurer go after this money it will cost more. If we sit down and go over this maybe we can find a way to handle this without doing a strict payment schedule.”

“Did they get any notice of an increase?” asked Supervisor Tom Swearingin.

“No we didn’t,” stated Stutsman. “I can’t speak for the others but I know if I would have known the increase like this, I wouldn’t have signed it.”

“It’s a nice road and we appreciate it, but I noticed the equipment cost was over $50,000 alone,” Stutsman stated.

“Was this the biggest project that engineer handled here?” asked Schlabach. “I just wondered if he overshot the estimates and this project was out of his expertise?”

“No he had handle several other large projects as well,” said Supervisor David Dotts.

As Swearingin looked at paperwork provided by Stutsman he stated, “I think we need to take a hard look at this cost difference. I know if I was having a building done and received one estimate then seen the final bill was more than double I would have a hard time paying that.”

“We’re going to talk this over and see what we can do,” Kester said.

Virginia Ireland and Lillian Frizzell were in attendance representing the senior meal site asking the supervisors if they planned to continue to give their support of $2,000 every quarter from the county.

“We are appreciative of the help you have given us,” said Ireland.

“I know you have been frugile with money and it is my expectations and feeling to continue to fund you the same,” said Kester.

“That is my feelings as well,” said Swearingin.

“We never had any plans to drop it,” Kester assured.

Wayne County Public Health Administrator Shelley Bickel advised the supervisors of an increased client load of 30 to 40 percent since mid-March when she took over her new position.

“I am pretty proud of that,” said Bickel.

“As you should be,” Kester stated.

“I am always busy and I go home tired each night,” Bickel stated. “The articles in the paper were very good so thank you for that.”

“I still am working to get the budget handled but that is taking time,” Bickel continued.

“You need to remember that budget was approved last year though,” said Wayne County Auditor Michelle Dooley.

All three supervisors praised Bickel for the work completed up to this point.

The secondary roads department and Wayne County Engineer Randy Zerr asked for permission to dispose of old computers. The supervisors approved the disposal.

Zerr along with Assistant Engineer Dan Carpenter advised mowing around the cemeteries was under way to be sure it was completed ahead of the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 3 at 9 a.m.

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