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Nancy Buss with Hall Engineering was on hand during the City of Corydon July 8 council meeting to provide an update on the proposed street improvement project within the GEO Bond. Brady Hackney, a 2018 Wayne Community School graduate, was in attendance for his first guest council member appearance for the month of July.

“We will be having a public meeting at your first meeting for the rehabilitation sewer next month and we are opening bids on the 31st of July,” said Buss. “You will be awarding the contract to the low bidder that same night.”

“Our thought is to let the project understanding that the street the school is on will more than likely be  set up to be done in the spring as soon as school gets out,” Buss continued.

“It’s got to be done by the 30th (of June 2020),” said City Clerk Ann Stevens.

“I don’t think we will have an issue with that,” said Buss. “They can start work on all the other streets. We will have a completion date of June 15 or something like that.”

“Or we can stage so, it will be an inconvenience for school traffic but it is possible keep one lane open and have flaggers through there if we need to,” Buss added.

“We discussed taking them down Dekalb if we had to,” said Brandon Trower.

“The transportation director has been getting ahold of me and he said with he buses and cars they can’t run them down Dekalb,” said Corydon Mayor Dennis Moorman. “He said it’s too much.”

“So our goal will be to get it let and then we will have to work through the school issue with the contractor,” said Buss. “I feel comfortable that we can still get this accomplished by your required end date,”

“We better,” said Moorman.

John Buttz was present on behalf of the Corydon Old Settler’s Committee requesting necessary streets be closed in conjunction with this year’s Old Settler’s celebration which will be held on August 8-11. Notes will be placed on cars parked around the square beginning Monday, August 5.

The council agreed to offer the city clerk position to interview candidate number six. The newly hired individual will be on a 90-day trial basis.

In other business the council approved a liquor license for Sonz Smokehouse BBQ.

Council member Amber Rodgers updated the council on discussion that took place during the July 1 Board of Supervisors meeting they were invited to attend in regards to the Corydon Lake Park.

“We were told the lease agreement had been looked over and could be ended at anytime,” began Rodgers. “We did say that was not our intent to end the agreement, but instead to talk over concerns and get back on the same page.”

“I think the conservation has felt they’ve had their hands tied by the City of Corydon a little bit when it comes to that park because there was a letter sent to them back in 2015,” Rodgers continued. “As we all know the trees need thinned out. My opinion and what I voiced to Tom Swearingin is that the past is the past and we all need to either come together and start fresh with the relationship or we need to mend it. I think we are all in agreement there are some improvements needed at the park.”

“They also stated that is the reason the other parks were in the condition they were in because they had been given free range to take care of them,” said Stevens.

The parks and recreation committee of Rodgers and Stan Rupe will work together with the Wayne County Conservation.

The council members began discussion on what steps they can begin to kickstart the City of Corydon’s help with the Wayne County Housing Plan brought forth by McClure.

“I support it but I think we need to wait to hear from the county because the county has the lead,” said council member Eric Jaeckel.

“I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t sit and wait,” said Jared Chambers. “You need to create some momentum now and get the ball rolling with the project because it’s going to take every town in this county to light a fire and get the momentum going.”

The council will begin looking at ways to support the housing plan. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 24 at 7 p.m.





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