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The City of Corydon is moving forward with plans to have the Prairie Trails Family Aquatic Center open this upcoming summer. This news is sure to bring forth happy kids and parents following the closure of the pool last summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I’d like to make an announcement on our city Facebook page about the pool and that it is going to be open, because I’ve had people asking me,” said councilmember Amber Rodgers. “I said, unless something changes drastically, the pool will be open.”

“Unless state laws change or something like that because we probably aren’t going to change it otherwise,” added Corydon Mayor Nathan Bennett.

In other business related to the Prairie Trails Family Aquatic Center the council discussed at length raising the wages for all employees working at the pool.

“I’ve talked to another director of a nearby facility and they don’t know what they are going to do about lifeguards for the summer,” said Bennett. “They are struggling and they are looking at having to possibly increase their wages too. Along with that we have another issue where a lot of guards are going to Honey Creek.”

“I know there’s been some worry  about kids that normally know they have a job, didn’t have one last summer,” added Rodgers.

“I think we have to make it enticing,” councilmember Dawn Christian added.

Rodgers met with PTFAC Manager Desire Grismore to discuss what a regular day looks like for coverage. Rodgers was informed a normal day includes one manager, five guards to begin the day to allow one to run concessions and one head guard is needed to follow Ellis rules.

The council discussed increasing wages for the employees one additional dollar per hour with a $1.25 per hour wage increase for head guards. The council also discussed increasing the wages for Grismore as manager due to her continued commitment in her position.

“It’s a lot of responsibility and she does a good job,” said Bennett.

The council agreed to have these items placed on the next agenda to take action by vote in a resolution.

The council also discussed increasing the fees for swim lessons beginning this year. The current fee is $10 for two weeks worth of lessons.

“There are people that are passionate about not increasing the fees for the lessons and I get it, it’s a safety thing however I think we would be better off to help the people that need help and charge everybody else something that is more adequate,” stated Rodgers.

Christian agreed and noted she would be interested in donating to a fund for the lessons.

The council will be looking into ways to help raise money and fund swim lessons for those that cannot afford the increase in cost.

In other business the council approved a new flat rate fee of $100 per rental at Walden Park. In addition a $50 cleaning fee will be assessed to anyone renting the building to help with sanitizing for health and safety concerns due to COVID.

City Clerk Administrator Stacy Gibbs stated Deputy Clerk Julie Merritt was back in office as of March 22 and things were going very smoothly working with her and the city crew.

“We have a full crew and everybody is getting along and there is no drama,” Bennett added.

A Public Budget Hearing for the 2022 Fiscal Year Budget is set for Wednesday, April 14 at 5:30 p.m.

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