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Caleb Housh was present during the Sept. 5 City of Corydon meeting on behalf of Lockridge Networks requesting access to the water tower within city limits.

“Lockridge the lumberyard was having trouble with internet for our purposes so we created a wireless internet network,” Housh began. “We have towers in Promise City, Seymour, Centerville, Millerton, Chariton and we are working with Russell to get on Russell’s water tower. We have worked with Edwin Brand to get on some radio towers at Rathbun Iconium. We are in Humeston now and we have about 50 Corydon residents that have signed up for service or are interested in service.”

“I am here to ask that we have access to your water tower for the purpose of serving internet to the City of Corydon,” said Housh. “We customize agreements for every town. If there is anything you don’t like about it or want to add or change we are more than willing to work with you guys to do whatever benefits Corydon.”

“We would like to get on the water tower sooner rather than later mainly because of weather,” Housh continued. “It would be nice to get up there this fall.”

“What’s your price going to be on your packages for the public?” asked Mayor Dennis Moorman.

“We have three packages for residents,” Housh stated. “We have a $49 package that would allow you to surf the internet, look at Facebook, emails but not a lot of streaming. Our $69 package allows you to stream up to three devices at once and run your normal internet. If you have kids and they do X-box Live then we have a $99 package and that gives you a lot more bandwidth to use. We also have business plans that we customize for each business.”

“How long has Lockridge Networks been a viable source?” asked councilmember Eric Jaeckel.

“We went live in March,” said Housh. “We have been on it at Lockridge for two years now. Running through the ups and downs and troubleshooting.”

“What does the business support look like?” asked Jaeckel.

“As in if we had issues, the main number comes into my cellphone,” said Housh. “We are in Lockridge right now, but we are moving into the old Neely’s building in Seymour. The offices are just about done.”

“Is your agreement with the other municipalities would we have the same agreement?” asked Jaeckel.

“Usually they would be different,” said Housh. “We’re not going to agree to free internet if you see no value in us providing you free internet. We can pay you either a monthly rate for renting out the space or we can pay a per customer rate annually.”

“The way it is set up now we have another user paying a monthly rate,” said Moorman. “I think we need to be fair with them and fair with you.”

“We can do that,” said Housh.

“So is Rise Broadband fine with this?” asked City Clerk Ann Stevens.

“Yes,” said Housh.

“Do you provide insurance for whoever is climbing the tower?” asked Moorman.

“Yes that is all provided by us,” said Housh.

“Another option isn’t going to hurt anybody at all,” said councilmember Nathan Bennett.

 “I like the idea you are local,” said Jaeckel.

A motion was made for a contract to be prepared and presented for consideration with payment for $100 a month to the city and free internet for the library and city hall included.

In other business a resolution was approved for a monthly transfer of $2,000 from the general fund to the Swimming Pool Project Fund during the 2019-2020 fiscal year.

Bids were opened for the condition survey and a motion was made to submit a copy to the committee for their recommendation.

A tree that had been reported as a nuisance in the cemetery was noted as being removed.

The council set a public hearing for Wednesday, Sept. 18 regarding a nuisance abatement at the property at 212 West Jackson Street.

Moorman advised council he was asked to look into an ordinance for golf carts and ATVs on city streets. He spoke with Sheriff Keith Davis and was told he didn’t have a problem with it and the ordinance would need to be updated.

Moorman stated the vehicles must be operated by a licensed driver only to be legal.

It was also noted FEMA representatives have been in town inspecting issues the past week with Brandon Trower.

The next City of Corydon meeting will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 18 at 7 p.m.




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