Board of Supervisors

by Jen Reed

During the Dec. 2 Board of Supervisors regular meeting, Wayne County Engineer Randy Zerr informed the board Medicine Creek repair estimates will reach the nearly one million dollar mark. 

“The Federal Highway Administration has approved Medicine Creek and it’s an 80/20 split,” said Zerr. “It’s a federal aid project meaning they will pay the 80 percent. The feds won’t send the county any money directly as it always has to go through the state.”

“The state will be the one that pays us the 80 percent federal dollars and we come up with 20 percent,” Zerr continued. “Right now it’s just shy of one million dollars so we need to figure where we are going to come up with our $200,000 or a little bit less for our part.”

Zerr stated there will be time to sort out the details as a contract still needs to be put together as well for the design and outlet structure.

“Is this to replace the whole thing?” asked Supervisor Don Seams.

“Yes sir,” answered Zerr. “The Federal Highway Administration said it’s the whole thing.”

Zerr also informed the board 25 sites are still being discussed and reviewed by FEMA. The culvert at Davis Road was deemed ineligible due to the timeline of events. He also noted he has passed along several documents including Secondary Roads Department DOT Employee Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy, Conflict of Interest Policy, Fraud Reporting Policy, Personally Identifiable Information Policy and the Segregation of Duties Policy to County Attorney Alan Wilson for his review. 

Glen Williamson with the Karl Miles LeCompte Memorial Library Board along with input from Leona Darrah, Harriet Gustafson and Leroy Langloss provided information to the board regarding the library finances and stated the need for more funds to offer a wage increase to the librarian. Williamson stated the current wage following a past increase still comes in under $10 an hour and they hoped to offer a more competitive hourly wage, but could only do so through the county and city’s help.

While presenting a spreadsheet on the library finances, Williamson stated, “You will notice in July a lot of expenses and this is where I want to thank the county. The last three years each, we have gotten one support check from the county in that month and I can tell you that has been very helpful for us.”

“It’s been very helpful and last year the county contribution went up $1,000,” Williamson. “We used these contributions from the city and the county to raise the wage of our librarian. We went from under $9 an hour to under $10 an hour. It was very helpful, but still not where it should be.”

“Where I’m going with that is because we are not competitive with the staff wage and the only way we can be is to have more support in our contributions,” said Williamson.

Following a slide show presentation by Darrah, Supervisor David Dotts asked Wayne County Auditor Michelle Dooley to provide insight on the yearly library allocations.

“We are in the season of setting values and last year’s values were $269 million approximately,” said Dooley. “Values have went up tremendously with this year we are at $380 million valuation dollars. Last year you received $8,600 and I’m anticipating you to receive around $12,000 this coming year.”

Dooley also presented the FY20 FAAP financial report to the board and informed the board the state auditors would be at the courthouse the remainder of the current week and into the next.

The next meeting for the Board of Supervisors will be held on Monday, Dec. 16 at 9 a.m.


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