City of Corydon

During a special work session held by the council for the City of Corydon, MSA was onhand to present an update to their findings after an anonymous donor fund was provided through the Wayne Community Foundation. Nicole Sungren with MSA Professional Services led the way with the presentation along with Chris Janson and James Muetzel also with MSA providing valuable feedback.

Map overviews of the City of Corydon were provided that featured the layout of the city for water distribution, sanitary sewer and the road network maps.

On the water distribution map, the 2019 water projects were noted along with notes highlighting 25 water leak areas from the past three years within the city limits. Water main depths were shown by color coding with water hydrants also notated.

When the focus turned to the road network map, Sungren advised the council of photographs that were taken of streets showing the road conditions. The streets were also color coded with less than half receiving excellent or good remarks.

Several street sections were highlighted with colors indicating fair, poor or very poor conditions. The map also indicated the 2019 Street Projects that will be repaired from the GEO Bond before the end of June 2020.

Discussion took place regarding East Monroe Street where the map indicates it being in excellent and good condition while it is a gravel surface that requires constant maintenance.

“On the north side of the hospital the street is green and blue which indicates it is good and excellent and that’s one of our selected places to replace the street,” said council member Eric Jaeckel.

“I don’t understand how it would be green and blue as it’s rock,” said Corydon resident Mike Thomas.

“There’s different evaluations for everything,” said Sungren. “You can still be excellent or good and it be granular surfacing. Rock surfacing is still a good pavement and it’s perfectly good surface. As a granular surface if it doesn’t have rutting or potholes it is still a good surface.”

“You were there on a good day,” said Thomas. “We fill it in with gravel almost every month.”

As discussion began on farm-to-market projects, Muetzel questioned if grants were used for the S. West Street listed on the 2019 Street Project list.

“Did you apply for STBG (Surface Transportation Block Grant) program funds?” asked former Iowa DOT Engineer Muetzel.

“No,” answered City Clerk Ann Stevens.

“If it’s on a farm-to-market route it would qualify for STBG funds,” said Muetzel. “You can apply through the RPA (Regional Planning Authority). Any federal aid routes qualify for these grants.”

Muetzel explained STBG funds are available as a reimbursement program. Reimbursement would be received from federal highway funds for the federal portion, up to 80 percent of total expenditures for the project.

It was noted with bids already out, they could not work back to current projects listed, but could work towards new projects in the future in looking for these funds and grants.

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