Wayne School Board

With former Superintendent Dave Daughton’s retirement date being past, new Superintendent Mike Still took his seat for his first official school board meeting with the Wayne Community School on July 23.

“Mr. Whitehall has done some research on current official pay with conference schools and has heard some complaints on work at Wayne compared to other schools and he came in and sat down with his figures and has come up with a proposed official’s pay increase,” said Still.

He noted the official’s pay had been increased in the last basketball, baseball and softball seasons already.

“Does our pay make it hard to find decent officials?” asked board member Kevin Comer. “If we are paying less and getting better officials then they (other schools) should be more like us than us being more like them.”

“It is supply and demand,” said Still. “If we are $20 to $25 less than say Chariton then those officials are more likely to go there.”

“I don’t think it’s worth saving $5 if Jeff (Whitehall) has to spend hours finding officials,” said Comer.

“We aren’t completely out of line in some sports but we are in others,” said Still.

The board voted to approve the increase.

“Dan May approached me and would like to take a charter bus due to the distance and amount of time on the bus to go to Illinois to attend the Big A award,” said Still.

The board approved the Wayne FFA Chapter renting a charter bus to share with the Mt. Ayr FFA Chapter to attend the Big A Award in Illinois.

Elementary Principal Boyd Sinclair informed the board Sarah Peck with Magical Beginnings would be looking to hire a new preschool teacher. Magical Beginnings is a community partner with the Wayne Community School district.

Sinclair advised the board the custodians have been working hard and efficiently to prepare the buildings for the upcoming new school year as many teachers are anxiously wanting back in rooms thinking ahead for the new year. He also informed the board as of now all elementary paraprofessional positions are filled for the beginning of the new year.

Sinclair informed the board of concerns with the pathway south of the elementary building that he has discussed with Still.

“The path around the outdoor classroom just needs some attention with the heavy rains earlier it has washed out several areas on the path,” Sinclair said. “That is where we run our cross country meets.”

With Secondary Principal Stacy Snyder gone on vacation, Still recapped highlights given to him from Snyder including recognition of the Lady Falcons softball team being named the Class 1A Region 4 Champions to qualify for state tournament, Jared Middlebrook placing second at the FBLA Nationals in Job Interview and Dan May being named the Star District FFA Advisor.

Snyder also informed Still the custodial staff was battling the heat to prepare the building and was pleased with the appearance, the FBLA and FCCLA Nationals trips were successful and the junior high softball, junior high baseball and high school baseball seasons were also a success.

As the school has been looking into options for the bus wash facility, Still has been in contact with Verle

Still updated the board on the discussion of land sale from the school to the Wayne County Fair.

“Last week Dan May and I met with Justin Lain from the fair board and I came in the middle of this but originally they were thinking there was going to be three acres there,” said Still. “When the engineer did his survey it is actually one point five (1.5 acres). It was agreed upon before I came on board to sell for $5,000 an acre so that would be $7,500.”

The county attorney will draw up a preliminary agreement and the school board will have Verle Norris examine the agreement. The agreement will require the fair board to place a chain-link fence around the perimeter of the land.

Still also noted when reviewing the employee handbook a document there was a discrepancy with his personal signed contract regarding vacation time. He wanted to give the board the option to amend his contract to follow the handbook if they wished to do so and asked which policy he was to follow.

He provided an update regarding the high school lunchroom floor, which has an issue with the glue used to put down tiles bleeding through the tile causing the tile to become stained on the edges. The tile company stated this is due to a moisture issue.

Still has requested a moisture test be performed and the insurance company has been contacted and claim filed.

The next meeting will be held on Monday, August 19.





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