In the April 14 council meeting held by the City of Corydon, Corydon resident Roger Winslow, joined by son Mark Winslow, was present to discuss a possible new workforce housing development. The Corydon Housing Project is hoping to break ground soon and was looking for support from the council.

Mayor Nathan Bennett advised Roger, they have the full support of the city as other members of the council agreed it was a good thing.

“We did get some comments from the city attorney and the only thing he stated is that we [the council] cannot approve a housing development,” added Bennett. “He said the first step right now and the only thing we need from you guys is the preliminary plat map which has the mapping of all the streets, sewer, where the utilities are going to go and that type of stuff your engineer needs to draw up. It then needs to go to the Board of Adjustments and the Zoning Board for approval and that’s where we get our approval from and that shouldn’t be an issue.”

“I have no problem with that, what I was mostly concerned about was that you knew what we were planning to do,” said Roger. “We think by the end of May we will have more details and open it up to people that may want to provide services.”

Councilmember Amber Rodgers reminded the council the official Kading documents are being reviewed by legal for the possible housing development project being headed up by the Wayne County Development Housing committee.

“You saw what they need to move forward and I feel like we are getting half of what we asked for,” began Rodgers. “You can see another developer is going to want the same thing.”

“I need to talk to our legal counsel to see how to proceed with that,” stated Bennett. “I think we probably need to have it on the agenda. I personally don’t have any issues with what they proposed back to us.”

The council agreed to have City Clerk Administrator Stacy Gibbs check with legal to see what the next step is on that specific housing project. 

With Wayne County Deputy James Wiltamuth present, Mayor Bennett spoke regarding complaints he is receiving regarding speeding in city limits.

“I would be happy to have a meeting with you and whoever, but I’m going to bring it up because we have had several complaints about it and that is speeding down Highway 2,” began Bennett. “These guys are getting in line, side-by-side and drag racing up that hill going out of town. It happens after a shift change, happens on weekends a lot and I have seen it besides those complaining.”

“They are valid concerns and valid complaints, they are going fast,” Bennett continued. 

Wiltamuth asked if specific times were noted on this issue.

“I think it’s mostly 5 to 7 at night, somewhere around that range and then on weekends it can be just about anytime,” answered Bennett. “It’s not just that street, any of these new streets we have, South Street, West Street, Anthony Street, they do go fast. This is a valid complaint.”

“I’m sure because I can hear them at my house on my days off,” added Wiltamuth. 

“If we could have some help with that it would be greatly appreciated,” Bennett stated.

“We talked about getting a stop sign somewhere on West Street, can we do that sometime sooner, rather than later?” asked Rodgers. “Some just fly on that school street.”

Bennett advised it can be done by a city ordinance. Councilmember Stan Rupe added at one time stop signs used to be in several of these locations.

“We’re concerned and we are concerned someone is going to get hurt and we want to work with you guys,” added Bennett.

The street committee will research where stop signs are needed within town and Wiltamuth will discuss these concerns with Sheriff Keith Davis.

In other business pool fundraiser dinner prepared by Thelma Saxton has been scheduled for Thursday, June 3. It will be a drive-through dinner that has been used by other organizations.

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