Deputy Sheriff

Deputy Sheriff Amber Allen, the newest member of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department, is pictured above as she was sworn in by Wayne County Supervisor Chairman Dave Dotts during the June 30 meeting. Allen’s first official day with the department began on July 1. 

The Wayne County Board of Supervisors held a regular meeting on June 30 to close out the 2021 fiscal year. As previously mentioned, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office was looking to fill three vacant deputy positions to which Board Chairman Dave Dotts had the opportunity to swear in the newest member of the department. Deputy Amber Allen was sworn in during the special meeting after her hire by Sheriff Keith Davis who reported another deputy would be sworn in later in this month after being offered to fill the second open deputy position.

Auditor Michelle Dooley informed the board the county is set to receive half of the $1.25 million American Rescue Plan Act Grant by mid-July. Dooley worked to fulfill the requirements for the application and stated the remaining half will be received approximately one year later.

Earlier in the meeting, the board designated Bill Byrns, EMA Director and Nichole Moore, Chariton Valley Planning and Development Executive Director as the authorized representatives for the Hazard Mitigation Plan Grant Application.

In other business, Conservation Director Kenny Banks requested the addition of a board member as current members aren’t always available for meetings and there is a need for one additional member. The board approved the addition of Garrett Abel to the Conservation Board to allow meetings to remain on schedule.

Banks also requested the estimated $30,000 that remained within his budget that was unused for the year be earmarked for Medicine Creek rather than returned into the general fund. The board approved the request.

The board also approved the request from the Corydon Old Settler’s Committee for allocation of funds to help with the expense of porta pottys during the celebration. The courthouse will now be open to allow public restroom use during celebrations held on the square when requested.

Brian Shelley with the Corydon Senior Meal Site presented the board with the deed and abstract for the current meal site building to the county for purchase for $1 with hopes the building can be used for Wayne County Public Health. County Attorney Alan Wilson will examine the paperwork to determine the next steps.

In the meeting held the following day on July 1, the board approved new fiscal year resolutions including county salaries, Veteran Affairs Commissioners, bid process for county elected officials and sheriff’s office mileage fees. The board also held closed session interviews for the two applicants vying for the Treasurer position that will be filled by appointment, today, Tuesday, July 6 in a special board meeting at 9 a.m.

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