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New Wayne Community School Board members were sworn in at the Nov. 18 meeting. Kevin Comer (far left) was re-elected and was named named the new Board President Monday evening. Kristina Pollock (second from left) took her position after filling a seat left vacant and was officially elected during the Nov. 5 polls. Bill Byrns (second from right) was re-elected for another term and was named the Vice President of the Board while Brandon Carpenter (far right) was sworn in for his first time serving on the Wayne Community School Board. Photo by Jen Reed

The Wayne Community School Board kicked off their Nov. 18 meeting by swearing in new and re-elected members to the board. Kevin Comer was nominated and will now serve as president on the board. Bill Byrns will now serve as vice president after his nomination.

Current board member Kristina Pollock and newly elected board member Brandon Carpenter were also read the oath of office. Denise Larson was also nominated to continue her role as the secretary/treasurer for the board.

Superintendent Mike Still brought forth new information and quotes regarding the purchase of a skid loader to help with snow removal as well as other school activities that may benefit from the purchase. Still advised the board should a skid loader be purchased it would be kept at the bus barn with Tim Swan being in charge of the equipment.

The current truck that is equipped with a snow blade is operable but in need of repair work with an estimated $2,000 in repairs. It was also estimated the truck value, should it be sold is in the $13,000 range.

The average amount spent in the last 10 years for snow removal was $2,422,25 annually. Swan agreed to run the skid loader for snow removal for the payment of $2,250 for the current school year.

“We received a quote from Josh Cobb for snow removal and I did research with the average snowfall in Iowa being 11 days a day a year,” stated Still.

Having a skid loader on hand they felt could stack snow higher in the parking lots to make more spaces available than previous years with the truck and snow blade. Still also advised having a skid loader would also benefit the FFA building and would help the custodians keep sidewalks and kitchen area better cleared.

Estimates were received from Sinclair Tractor in Centerville and Vetter Equipment in Corydon.

“I was also approached by Jared Chambers on his used skid loader,” said Still. “His skid loader is a 2013 with 1,905 hours on it and he is asking $29,000 for it.”

The board approved payment to Swan in the amount of $2,250 for snow removal. Still was given approval to purchase a skid loader in the amount up to $45,000 after comparing prices and receiving board approval and will be taking bids on the truck and snow plow.

Still also advised the board the school is awaiting estimates for repairs to the bus that was damaged in the Oct. 30 accident, while the route bus from the Sept. 27 accident has been repaired and returned. He thanked everyone for their fast action and help with the Oct. 30 accident.

The board approved the Times-Republican as the official newspaper for the Wayne Community School. Still noted while information was requested from two newspapers to make the decision, the Times-Republican was the only one to submit paperwork.

Still will have his quarterly performance evaluation during the Monday, Dec. 16 regular meeting at 5:30 p.m. and a special meeting will be held on Monday, Dec. 9 at 8:15 a.m. to approve the redemption of sales tax bonds.

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