EOC Meeting

Dr. Joel A. Wells, DO and Daren Relph, CEO of Wayne County Hospital, listen intently during the Emergency Operations Center meeting held Friday morning. Dr. Wells and Relph are working closely with Wayne County Public Health Administrator Shelley Bickel, Emergency Management Director Bill Byrns, Environmental Health Director David Rhodes, the Wayne County Board of Supervisors and the Wayne County Sheriff's Office to stay informed and on top of the Covid-19 situation locally.

Wayne County Public Health released notice as of the afternoon of March 20; there were no confirmed cases after testing two individuals for Covid-19. Both individuals were self-isolated and tested negative.

In a meeting held earlier in the day, Dr. Joel A. Wells, DO from Wayne County Hospital noted individuals that are sick will be handled in a case-by-case matter. They will be trying to implement more telehealth treatments as they try to reduce having sick individuals from leaving their homes.

“We are going to try to do more treatment either over the phone or with facetime or skype, we don’t have all the definites on that, but to get ready that is one of our best tools coming up,” said Dr. Wells. “We want to take care of sick people, but we will be doing it a little differently than we used to.”

“It should be noted C.M.S. (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services), the regulators have relaxed privacy rules to allow us to do that to make this an available format, so that we are still staying compliant with our regulations and respect to privacy,” said Wayne County Hospital CEO Daren Relph.

Deputy Sheriff Mike Lewis advised any and all calls coming into 911 at this time, will also be screened through the Covid-19 screening process to better allow E.M.S. and the ambulance services to be better prepared to assist on calls.

“We need to do this together and work together,” said Wayne County Public Health Administrator Shelley Bickel. “I’m working everyday with Darren on this.”

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