Raspberry Hill

Raspberry Hill

Brad and Gina Perkins from the Corydon area are the owners of Raspberry Hill Bed & Breakfast on the southwest corner of Ames off of South Dakota Street, near Iowa State University. Perkins says that he and his wife wanted to start a family business and decided on a bed and breakfast, although Raspberry Hill has more to offer.

“It’s not just a bed and breakfast,” Perkins says, “we’re also an event center for weddings and wedding bands, as well as having cabins on our commercial campgrounds.”

The bed and breakfast spans 75 acres that features a koi pond, gazebo, a cottage tearoom and plenty of nature with a vibrant prairie full of flowers guests can walk through on a pathway.

Raspberry Hill opened in July and Perkins says the business is doing well, but the website is still under construction. He asks that everyone go to their Facebook page for photos, videos and information for now.

The Perkins family got the idea for Raspberry Hill from all of the various events that go on near ISU, such as graduations.

“There’s a lot events around, everything from summer games to parents coming to visit, football games. There’s a lot of events, but there’s no campground and we thought a campground would be a good idea,” Perkins says. “We’ve gotten a good response; we have some guests booked for the Farm Progress Show, some of the football games, we’ve got a wedding party that’s going to be here in September and we’re already booked for graduation for May of next year.”

Perkins wanted Raspberry Hill to stand out from other bed and breakfasts, so he has some ideas to bring people in.

“One of the things that makes it different is that it spans 75 acres and a good portion of that is trees, we have a trail going through the forest area, we have a pond. It’s not just a house on a corner lot in the city, it actually has a lot of land with it that guests can use. And because of that, you could have an outdoor wedding with or without a tent, you could have a family reunion out there, there’s going to be a lot of different things you can do with that space,” he says.

The Perkins family has plans to build a stable for horses and make it into a children’s center, called the Raspberry Hill Kid’s Barn, where they can spend time with kid-safe horses and other animals. So far, the family has adopted a mini donkey, horses, ponies, goats, a pot bell pig, chickens, dogs and cats from nearby shelters.

Perkins is excited to make Raspberry Hill Bed & Breakfast a relaxing and charming getaway from the noise of the city. On Aug. 24, the family will be hosting an open house from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. with live music and a family-friendly environment.

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