Redeemed gives back to community

Joella Perry receiving a $500 check from Tracy Thomas, a Redeemed volunteer.

Redeemed: A Second Chance Boutique in Corydon began with hopes of giving back to Wayne County. Three years later, that has been made possible through the help of volunteers and the community.

In November of 2015 Redeemed started up just off the square in an old beauty shop. After purchasing the building where former business Angela’s Portraits was housed, they have been up and running, taking in any donations brought to them.

Beginning with a mission statement to serve as a donation center for the community, a store for affordable merchandise for members of the community and to support other non-profit organizations within the area.

Redeemed is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that wouldn’t be possible without the numerous donations received from the public, the customers that shop within the store and of course the volunteers that donate their time to work.

“Everything we have is donated to us and nothing is thrown away,” said volunteer member Donna Gillman. “If a metal is received and it’s too rusty to use, we give it to the Lion’s Club for them to recycle. If we receive clothing that is stained or shoes that are too worn, the Christian Ministries in Osceola takes these items for those in need.”

When walking into Redeemed, it is easy to see the variety of items they have to offer. Whether you’re looking for a complete dining room table set up, toys for all ages of children, window treatments or clothing to dress you from top to bottom, they may be able to help.

Volunteer Steve Thomas notes, “You never know what you may find in here.”

“Many of the items we receive in clothing still has tags on it,” says volunteer member Tracy Thomas. “Dresses with tags that started at $300 we now have marked for just under $16.”

Gillman added in, “You don’t want to wait though to purchase something. If you see it, you better buy it now because it may not be here in an hour or next time you come back.”

Thomas also mentioned if certain items of interest are being sought after, they do keep a book with names, phone numbers and description of item. If a donation comes in from the list, they can phone the person to notify them.

Currently, Redeemed has 10-12 volunteers helping within the store. Being a volunteer isn’t just about taking in donations and selling them within the store.

At times, the volunteers may need to drive a truck to a home to haul things back to the store. They also have been asked to clean out homes to gather up items they could use as well.

As items are sold from the store, the money is saved up for the time to put it to good use. Sales cover any store expenses that may occur including building payment, utilities and building repairs. The remainder is given out quarterly to other non-profit organizations.

The only guidelines set to receive are that it must be another not for profit organization, not just a person walking in off the street, and each organization must fill out an application. Answering the most important question of, “What is the reasoning for the request and what will the money be used for?”

Organizations including fire departments, city project organizations, kids youth groups and other Wayne County organizations have all been on the receiving end of these generous donations made from Redeemed.

“Every quarter we go through the list of applications by date received and write checks to help out their organization,” said Gillman. “In the beginning when we just started out we couldn’t give as much due to money constraints, however now as time has passed we have been able to give a little more.”

Gillman also added in, “Everyone is welcome to apply to receive help for their organization, with our main focus being on Wayne County groups.”

Redeemed also gives during times of need, whether it be during a quarter break or not.

“We donated to Seymour after their tornado and didn’t wait until our usual quarter time to help them out,” Thomas stated. “We help out during natural disasters and with the proper channels taken through the courthouse, we can help donate clothing to house fire victims as well.”

To date Gillman states $18,415 has been donated to organizations that have applied with Redeemed.

“None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the donations people so generously give us and the customers coming in to purchase items,” said Thomas. “Without them we couldn’t give back to the community like we do.”

Redeemed is open Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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