During the regular Wayne Community School Board meeting held on Monday, Nov. 19, Superintendent Dave Daughton presented the board with notice of resignations received from the Elementary Nutrition Manager, Head High School Volleyball coach, Assistant High School Volleyball coach and Junior High Assistant Basketball coach after the season ends. The board accepted all resignations at this time.

Coaching contracts were also accepted for the positions of an associate, Assistant High School Boys and Girls Basketball coaches and Head Junior High Track coach.

Daughton also notified the board of bids received regarding the four vehicles that have been advertised. The board approved the sales to the highest bidder of each one received.

Iowa State Board of Education member Mary Ellen Miller of Corydon was present to update the board of information of things happening at the state level and go over board training at the local school board level. Miller stated this is her fifth year serving on the state board.

“Sometimes I think you have to say the obvious, but thank you for your service," Miller began when speaking to the board.

She began speaking of the Iowa Association of School Boards asking if anyone from Wayne was in attendance. “It’s been experience in the five years I have been on this state board, that you are a member or at least that’s what they tell me,” Miller began. “I know it’s very easy to think you have your life, your business and other responsibilities that are of essence to you but this organization is your best professional development opportunity that you would have as a board member. That is why I brought you these pamphlets because you have not only a fiduciary responsibility but also a legal responsibility to the residents of Iowa.”

“To evaluate your executive director is part of your job and you must do it well not only for his benefit to protect him or her but it is also your duty and legal responsibility,” Miller continued on with her training. “Currently at the state level we are seeing things come up in small and large districts, and you don’t want that to happen.”

Miller spoke of two separate school districts of different sizes the state board has had before them recently with financial issues and bullying issues. She stated these issues were within the two districts where they were not handled at the school level.

“It is your job to be sure he is doing his job and they are doing their job while you are doing your job of protecting the community and tax payers within it,” she added.

Wayne Elementary principal Boyd Sinclair notified the board mid-term for second quarter will be today, Nov. 27. Reports will be sent home to parents notifying them of their child’s grade at that point in the quarter.

Sinclair wanted to commend Braxton Buckner-Johnston and Emily Birkland for their Veteran’s Day reading they did on Nov. 12. On that day they held a flag raising ceremony with a reception room set up with coffee, treats and performances were done by different grade levels.

He also acknowledged Maddy McCaslen, Rylie Jo Hackett, Grant Halftery and Harlee Hackney for presenting the Veteran’s Day flag. It was noted Raegan Tilley and Laney Christian played Taps for the elementary on Veteran’s Day as well.

Secondary Principal Stacy Snyder commended the Veteran’s Day program committee and the Junior and Senior High School as well. She acknowledged how organized they were in providing a great program.

It was recognized that the Wayne Falcon Stunt Cheer Squad received third place in 1A State Competition. The Competition Cheer Squad received fourth place in 1A at the State Competition.

Kiana Beavers, Cody Ebbers and Suzie Moorman were recognized for winning a bronze, gold and gold medals respectively in the Special Olympic State Bowling competition. The Cheer Honor Squad of Aubrey Bennett, Lexi Brazeal and Taylor Curry also received recognition. They were honored to perform at UNI during the football finals.

The Pride of Iowa All-Academic awards were awarded to cross country, volleyball and football athletes. Those receiving this award were Shayden Arnold, Laney Christian, Jaide Harvey, Jessi Helseth, Raegan Tilley, Mya Willey, Aubrey Bennett, Camryn Jacobsen, Jacinda Reed, Rayleigh Snyder, Allison Wik, Caleb Stewart, Luke Carpenter, Bret Whitehall, Brooks Jacobsen, Brady Langloss, Hunter Clark, Jeffrey Alexander and Seth Sheriff.

Daughton stated they have moved forward with the HR position in the hiring of Stephanie Bear. He expressed excitement about this shared position between Wayne, Leon and Lamoni and the opportunities ahead.

The junior high gymnasium floor repairs have been made. Daughton reported the repairs will make the floor usable for the junior high and junior varsity basketball seasons.

Transportation Director Tim Swan reported to Daughton at an earlier date no vehicles within the school district had been taken out of service for 30 days.

Open enrollments for three students that temporarily have moved out of the district were approved. The board also approved the 100 and 200 board policies.

The board voted to renew the $500,000 CD at Corydon State Bank with a 2.5% interest rate. It was also approved to accept the only snow removal bid they received.

The next school board meeting is scheduled for Monday, Dec. 17 at 5:30 p.m. It was noted the time may be moved up if the agenda appeared the meeting would run long as there is a High School Winter Concert scheduled the same evening set to begin at 7 p.m.

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