Board of Supervisors

Supervisor David Dotts called a special Wayne County Board of Supervisors meeting to order on May 24.

Dotts stated a letter had been received dated May 22 from Supervisor Duffy Kester. Kester stated within the letter on the advice of doctors and following soul searching he would be resigning from the Board of Supervisors effective May 24.

Following the acceptance of Kester’s resignation, Supervisor Tom Swearingin made the motion for Dotts to take over Chairman of the Board, which Kester previously held.

“I do want to say Duffy has been a great asset to the county through the years and has done a lot of great things,” said Tom. “We will miss him.”

“What Tom said is my feelings too,” Dotts began. “When I come on the board, Duffy was here and he helped me in a lot of ways doing my job as a supervisor. He will be missed, but this is a decision he had to make.”

“We hope he gets his health under control,” Tom added. “He’s done his time.”

Treasurer Kim Swearingin stated the county has 40 days to fill the vacant seat. An advertisement in this issue of the Times-Republican details how to submit an application for appointment.

The county treasurer, auditor and recorder are the mandated committee that will appoint the new supervisor.

When Kester was appointed to the board, a total of 20 applications were received.

“In my opinion, we need to get this process started,” said Dotts.

“I talked to Jen yesterday, and of course it was too late because of the holiday so it will not be able to go into the paper next week,” said Kim. “I can get it into Seymour’s for Thursday. When I talked to Jen I got a copy of the ad we ran last time so I put something together.”

“I would have liked to of had it in the paper for three weeks, but we don’t have enough time,” Kim added.

“Can you use social media to help get the ball rolling?” asked David Rhoades.

“Yes,” said Kim. “I figured I would put it on my Facebook page.”

“If you get the ad to us, we can put it on our website and the Facebook page too.” said Rhonda Bennett, Publisher of the Times-Republican.

In other business, the board received two bids for the elevator within the courthouse. Kone Elevator submitted a bid of $31,150 noting they would add door bumpers in at no charge.

A second bid was also received from Otis Elevators of $32,557. Supervisor Swearingin made the motion to accept the lower bid from Kone Elevator noting the county is in a current contract with their company.

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