At the July 16 Wayne County Supervisor’s meeting, David Rhodes was present to give the supervisors the second and third reading of the Wastewater Ordinance. The ordinance outlines the Wayne County on-site wastewater treatment and disposal system.

The vacancy for the Wayne County Engineer position was then discussed.

“We have been in contact with and interviewed a respective candidate,” David Dotts said, “His name is Jeff Skalberg.”

The supervisors decided to offer Skalberg a six-month probation to observe and evaluate his work before possibly bringing him on full-time and would not be giving him an increase in pay at the end of those six months.

Engineer Dan Carpenter and Interim Engineer Gary Bishop approved of the motion to offer Skalberg the job. Bishop has met with Skalberg before and says he should be a good choice to replace him when he is done working as Interim Engineer.

John Sellers then asked Bishop about progress on the Sidca projects.

“The Core of Engineers and a consultant are scheduled to review the site on July 18,” Bishop responded in regards to the Couchman structure, a county road project.

The total project cost has been approved by Sidca at $68,000, of that $51,000 paid by Sidca and $16,000 paid by Wayne County. The estimate for the project $207,600, meaning if the project is built the county would owe $156,000. The county road department would have to pay since it is a county road project.

Carpenter explained that the project was planned in 2009 and the costs have gone up since that time. Sellers said he would reach out to some contacts about the project.

Another project, called the Den Project, is still in working progress and estimated at $85,150. The cost would be split between Sidca and Wayne County, making each pay $42,570. The bridge project was approved Dec. 19, 2013. Bishop said it needed to be contracted and designed.

“All of the preliminary stuff, from what I can find in the file, there’s preliminary but nothing has gone through,” Carpenter explained. The project will be on hold until further discussion.

“Thank you for your effort on this,” Sellers said to Bishop, “In my estimation, there has been more progress since you showed up and started working on it than in six years that I’ve been on the board.”

Bishop also spoke about an inquiry from Brandon Booke about updating a dirt road to gravel. He says they will follow up with the estimate.

The supervisors reviewed 14 resolutions for the fiscal year 2019. All resolutions passed except Resolution 07-04-2018, regarding the destruction of noxious weeds.

The meeting was adjourned.

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