As the Corydon City Council opened up their special meeting on  April 21, City Clerk Administrator Stacy Gibbs reminded the council of the upcoming special election. The special election is set for today, Tuesday, April 27 to fill the vacant council seat. 

The council approved the survery agreement for the city property north of the south lagoons to be completed by LEE Chamberlain Consultant Engineers. Mark Lee was present and informed the board once the agreement was approved they would begin the survey process the following day.

Clint Housh was present and informed the board the new Homes on Prairie Trail were completed with tenants occupying all available units. He also requested a 10-year abatement for the units upon hearing another housing development may be receiving the same tax abatement. 

Mayor Nathan Bennett stated they are looking into the tax abatements, however they need to rewrite the urban revitalization plan in order to do so. Housh stated after speaking with County Assessor Brandon Carpenter he would pay for the taxes the first year and once the abatement was approved they could move forward from there.

Housh also was interested in a possible way to incorporate combining water meters at the duplex units as he felt the minimum amount of $106.80 for water, garbage, sewer and recycling was considerably higher than other towns for single tenant homes. He was informed each unit must have their own meter. 

The council agreed they would do some checking into other comparable sized towns on the monthly pricing for the minimum. Housh stated he informed his tenants he would look into the price and would appreciate the council checking for other options.

Housh also informed the council he was working with Bill Cortesio and other members of a development group called Ultra 7. They are currently reaching out to all towns within Wayne and Appanoose Counties looking for any available lots they could possibly use to build single-family, multifamily or duplexes on to help with the housing development in the two-county radius.

The council stated while they didn’t have any properties currently sitting empty for this, they were interested in utilizing their services possibly in the future on available lots. 

In other business the council approved a request from the Corydon Lion’s Club to have a July Fourth fireworks permit to shoot off fireworks for the celebration at the Corydon Lake Park on Saturday, July 3.

The next regular meeting of the Corydon City Council is set for Wednesday, April 28 at 5:30 p.m. with City Hall set to reopen to the public on Monday, May 3. 

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