City of Corydon

“The water main project will start up next week or the week after,” stated Nancy Buss with Hall Engineering during the March 25 City of Corydon council meeting. “We had a pre-construction meeting and one of the things we learned is Norris Asphalt was awarded a contract to do a paving project that will go from Corydon to Appanoose County.”

“So they will be setting up a remote plant somewhere between Corydon and Centerville,” Buss continued. “If we want them to get started right away, they can do that, but if they could get an extension to be able to complete the project a little later after they get the plant up and running, then there would be a cost savings to the city of $50,000.”

Mayor Dennis Moorman reached out to the bonding company beforehand as the original completion date was set for June 30, 2020 to avoid being penalized. Due to current circumstances, the completion date has been extended to the end of December.

“You are in a situation where you could give the contractor a little more time to get it done and take the $50,000 in cost-savings,” Buss added. “I don’t think we could get another street done for $50,000.

“Maybe we could take a look at our 10-year plan and see what we have next on it?” asked council member Nathan Bennett.

“You also have to remember that’s another four months of us trying to maintain the streets,” said city employee Brandon Trower. “It would be a pretty significant cost for us trying to maintain them too.”

“This is my opinion and nobody has to agree with me, but I’d kind of like to go ahead with it because we’ve put the city off so long and we’ve got summer coming up with Old Settler’s, Summer on the Square,” Moorman stated.

“The community is not going to want to see this pushed back,” Trower added.

Council members questioned if $50,000 would go very far in the end.

“I’m kind of like Dennis and I know our streets didn’t get like this overnight and they won’t be fixed overnight either,” said council member Stan Rupe.

The council agreed to move forward with the original end date for the street project to be completed.

In other business the council approved the city golf cart ordinance as well as the ATV and snowmobile ordinances with included corrections.

The council approved the purchase for a hot water heating within City Hall through Clayton Plumbing and Heating for $338.31.

The personnel committee made the recommendation Eva Moore be moved into the City Clerk in training role effective March 26 and the hiring of a new Utility Billing Clerk was tabled until next meeting on Monday, April 6 at 7 p.m.

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