Sleep Tight, Casper! Weight loss awaits. Doctor Explains

Sleep Health

The big picture: Dr. Shelandra Bell says " less, exercise more is not always the answer! There are other things at play."

In the news: New research shows that good sleep habits can lead to weight loss and improved compliance with your diets.

The key point: The research showed that good sleep habits lead to better lifestyle modifications. This in turn makes it easier to do the things that weight loss requires--eating more healthily and finding the time for wellness and exercise!

More importantly, this study and many more, continue to add to the evidence that good sleep habits have a huge impact on our overall quality of life.

You need to talk to your healthcare team about your poor quality of sleep health.

Did you know that 30.9% of the adults living in Dubuque County get less than 7 hours of sleep a night? 13.5% of the adults in Dubuque County state that their mental health isn't good. Both of these variables harm your overall quality of health.

Looking to improve your health?

Doctor's Insight about Sleep Health and Weight Loss

Know this: "Oftentimes patients are surprised when I ask them about their sleeping habits when they're talking to me about ways to lose weight. Good sleep has oh so many benefits! Getting good sleep improves your ability to regulate your emotions. Good sleep stimulates metabolic hormones in your body. And, all of these combined can lead to weight loss. Patients are thrilled to find out that they can bio-hack their own bodies to help them lose weight." Dr. Adriana Davis, Family Medicine.

Next steps: If you're struggling with sleep in Dubuque, you may consider talking to a sleep doctor and determine if you have any undiagnosed sleep conditions.

Conditions like:

  1. Undiagnosed sleep apnea.
  2. Restless leg syndrome.
  3. Micronutrient deficiencies, like Ferratin.

All of these elements could be compounding to harm your quality of sleep. And, in turn, making it hard for you to achieve weight loss.

Further steps: The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has many Iowa specific resources to improve your sleep health. (Visit Here)

Living in Iowa, it's important that you understand that a busy and hectic life combined with poor sleep can cause havoc to your overall health!

Did you know that a lack of sleep may also trigger seizures in people who have epilepsy?

You're not alone. Talk to your healthcare team!

In Dubuque County, 8.3% of the adults are in poor physical health. 20% have no time for leisure activities. And 17% of the adults are depressed. A lot is tied to poor sleep health!

What they're saying:

"Better sleep health was associated with greater adherence to lifestyle modification during a 12-month behavioral weight loss intervention. Whether improving sleep health prior to or during a weight loss intervention facilitates better lifestyle modification outcomes merits examination" (Primary Study)

"Getting enough sleep is not a luxury--it is something people need for good health. Sleep disorders can also increase a person's risk of health problems." (CDC Sleep and Sleep Disorders)

The kiddos need good sleep too! Image: CDC


Researchers at the AHA Epidemiology, Prevention, Lifestyle Conference presented the findings: Better Sleep Health is Associated With Greater Adherence to Lifestyle Modification During a 12-month Behavioral Weight Loss Intervention (Read it Here)

Sleep Health Stats: (CDC)

50% of ALL Americans state that they feel sleepy during the day!

42.6% of single parents sleep less than 7 hours per night.

10-15 minutes of brisk walking can improve the quality of your sleep.

25.8% of Dubuque County adults binge drink.

The Health Standard Newswire

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