As the old saying goes, fix one problem and another problem arises. That seems to be the issue the City of Corydon council members are seeing with the completion of the Street Improvement Project this summer.

During the July 22 council meeting, member Stan Rupe mentioned there might be a need for new signage on the newly repaved streets within the city.

“On South Street we really need the Kids at Play signs, a couple three of them,” Rupe began. “I would just really like to see some Kids at Play signs and a Stop sign. “

“We should review all the streets we paved because on all of them people fly,” said council member Nathan Bennett.

“A city can lower limits but cannot raise them right?” said council member Dawn Christian. “Maybe we should consider a 20 mph through there to get some tickets going on South West and South Street and that might do it. When you go through Indianola some certain streets have 20 mph signs.”

The council agreed more signage would be beneficial to slow traffic on the newly paved streets and would look into the city ordinances to see what would be needed for sign placement. The council would plan to make a resolution to look into further action for this issue.

Earlier in the meeting, Nancy Buss with Hall Engineering noted she along with Norris Asphalt Paving are aware of cracking issues in the paving and it is being looked into. She advised the city they have a significant amount of retainage on the project that would be withheld until the issue is resolved.

In other business the city approved moving Julie Merritt, the new Utility Billing Clerk from a part-time position to fulltime. They council also agreed to begin advertisement for a position with the City Crew.

The council also approved the corporate sponsorship of $750 to Prairie Trails Wellness Center with five employees/council members having the ability to use the facility.

The final payment of $178.88 was approved to Hall Engineering for the Water System Improvement project.

Tax abatements under the City of Corydon’s Urban Revitalization plan was approved for the properties at 112 W. Jefferson Street, Suite 2 and 615 N. Johnson Street.

The next City of Corydon council meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 12 at 5:30 p.m.

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