Wayne County Courthouse

The Wayne County Board of Supervisors spoke with Courthouse Custodian Aaron Hoelting in the regular board meeting held on Jan. 25 regarding his proposal for the courthouse lighting project.

Hoelting noted the replacement of the lights and panels throughout the courthouse in all offices and hallways on all three floors to LED lighting would be a cost to the county of $9,555. Alliant Energy does offer rebates up to 50 percent of the total that would apply and be given back to the county. The cost of bulb replacement only would be approximately $3,000.

“They are saying it would be about $800 in savings per year and to replace the whole fixtures the payback would be about a year and a half,” said Hoelting. “To replace just the bulbs, the payback would be in about a year.”

“I think it would be foolish not to do it,” stated Supervisor Dave Dotts. 

“Well and you don’t know how long the rebates are going to be around,” added Supervisor Tom Swearingin.

The board approved the lighting project allowing Hoelting to move forward.

In other business, the public hearing was held for the Proposed Maximum Tax Levy for the fiscal year 2022. With no objections being received the board approved the resolution stating an increase of five percent from the previous year would be added to general county services and an increase of 11 percent from the pervious year would be added to rural county services.

The board also approved the amended contract for the entrance to property from roadway policy. The final amendment will be signed by the board once it is received from ISAC Legal Counsel Hugh Cain.

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