In the regular Wayne County Board of Supervisors meeting held on Nov. 30, Supervisor Don Seams noted he wanted the COVID courthouse policy revisited.

“The policy was originally made when COVID got bad and it’s got worse but at the time Shelley [Bickel-WCPH Administrator] recommended that supervisors be in the courthouse one at a time,” Seams began. “I tried to do that but what happened at home is I have no place to work besides my kitchen table. Also I was using our own data to conduct business and we went over on our internet and phone data plus the last 10 days I could only work on my phone at 1x speed.”

“Personally my wife and I, we don’t even go to church now, we watch it on YouTube, so we are doing our best,” Seams continued. “If we go to a store we wear our masks. If she goes, then I don’t go. Outside of work hours we do our best to avoid it too.”

Seams made the motion to remove one line item regarding the supervisors not being in the courthouse at the same time. He noted they could social distance, continue wearing a mask and work to avoid one another when in the courthouse.

Supervisor Dave Dotts read a letter from Bickel stating if more than one supervisor needed to be in office, masks should be worn as well as working from different office and meeting room areas if possible. 

“I don’t have a problem with two being in here, but I’m going to insist one be on the second floor and one down here [conference meeting room],” said Dotts. “As far as I can tell we can make this work.”

“I think we can make it work, but I hate changing a policy especially for us,” said Supervisor Tom Swearingin. “It makes it look like we are being bias towards us. I think we can make it work without changing the policy, I think we are going to open up a big door and everybody wanting policies changed in my opinion.”

“I think this will look like we are changing it to benefit us and it’s going to open up a door of others wanting policies changed and that’s just not a door I’m willing to open so I cannot second this motion,” Swearingin added.

Dotts seconded Seam’s motion and it was approved. Guest Sue Ruble in attendance noted her disapproval of the policy being changed and asked who wrote the original policy. Seams noted he wrote the original policy based on information from public health.

The next Board of Supervisors meeting will be held on Monday, Dec. 14 at 9 a.m.

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