Secretary Denise Becker notified the Board of Supervisors during their regularly scheduled meeting on Dec. 17 that $20,500 has been received from pledges towards their $27,000 goal. These funds are to be paid to McClure Engineering for their housing study they will begin work on in January 2019.

     “I have in hand $20,500 with pledges coming in with City of Corydon gave us $5,000, Wayne County Development gave $5,000 and I wrote a grant to Land Tree so they gave us $5,000 and the Humeston Chamber gave us $5,000,” said Becker. “That’s what I have in hand and I have other people that say they are going to give us some.”

     McClure Engineering was hired to do the housing study in Wayne County to assess the housing needs in the area. Their study is set for the months of January into March.

     “Is there a deadline on when you need the funds?” asked Supervisor John Sellers. “Because the soil district is pledging $1,000.”

     While they do not have the full amount of funds in hand as of yet, pledges are still coming in to put towards the payment. McClure Engineering is requesting payments be made in three installments with the first payment due in January.

     Wayne County Engineer Jeff Skalberg was present requesting the board sign off on right away purchase agreements for a box culvert north on 180th Street and two culverts on 150th Street. Skalberg informed the board Craig Onstot is currently building the culvert by the McConahay residence.

     Skalberg reported two Wayne Community students have done job shadowing with him in office in the past two weeks. He also updated the board the bridge crew is currently working on brush cutting and will continue to do so as weather and time permits.

     Wayne County Auditor Michelle Dooley informed the board in her updates the contract with Kone Elevator would be increasing three percent. She stated this is consistent with the past three years, as they have had the same increase.

     Dooley also noted Chariton Valley Regional Housing thanked the board for their continued support and is asking for a $7,500 pledge for the 2020 fiscal year. She stated last year the board initially gave $2,500 and revisited to make good on the pledge making it $7,500. The pledge is due on or around the July 1 date.

      “If we see that Lucas or somebody has really upped the amount of their pledge, we can consider that in what we are doing then right?” asked Kester.

     “Absolutely,” Dooley responded.

     Supervisor David Dotts added in that all money pledged from the board will stay in Wayne County.

     “Right now we are working on the house right north of the elementary, we bought that, in fact I just called Horton’s this morning to get the floor covering for it so we are getting close to being ready to have that one to sell,” said Becker.

     “If we were to pledge more or if we were to get someone to pledge more with us do we have the people to be able to work on two houses at one time?” asked Kester.

     “Yes I believe so,” Becker said. “But I think it’s going to be important to wait until McClure (Engineering) comes down in January to start talking to us about the housing issue and really digging into it to see what their direction is going to be.”

     Dotts advised he attended a Corydon Development meeting and noted they pledged $2,000 to the McClure Engineering housing study and they are moving along with that process. Dotts also attended a conservation meeting.

     Sellers did not have any meetings the past two weeks but noted he has a full week ahead.

     Kester added he attended the Fifth District meeting where they held interesting seminars and would like to work closely with Appanoose County Supervisor Mark Waits. Kester also noted he has a meeting scheduled later in the week with public health.

     The board voted to approve a one-year term for Denise Becker to continue working with the Area 15 Housing Agency. The agency wrote a letter to the board commending Becker for her service and support.

     Sellers requested to continue to represent the Wayne County Board of Supervisors on the Rathbun Land and Water Alliance and with Southern Iowa Development and Conservation Authority.

     “How long have you served on those?” asked Dotts.

     “I served on Rathbun as an incorporator for 20 years and the other one I think is about 16 and I was an incorporator on that one too,” said Sellers.

     “So you don’t have to be a supervisor?” asked Dotts.

      “No, just as long as the board authorizes me to represent them,” said Sellers. “This way it will ease a little bit of the workload on you.”

     The board voted and approved Seller’s request.

     The next regular meeting for the Board of Supervisors is scheduled for Monday, Dec. 31 at 9 a.m.

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