Board of Supervisors

Brittany Reece and Christopher Staton of Kone Elevator joined the Board of Supervisors during their regular meeting held on May 6 to discuss the need for a new door operator on the elevator located inside the Wayne County Courthouse.

With the Veteran’s office located on the bottom level and the Clerk of the Court located on the 3rd level, there is a great need to have a working elevator within the courthouse for those unable to use the stairway. Kone Elevator provided a quote to the supervisors for either one or two new door operator replacements.

They informed the supervisors when repairs begin, the elevator would be down for approximately three to four days. The board discussed the need to give the public a two weeks’ notice before the elevator closure.

Before accepting the only bid received from Kone Elevator, Supervisor Duffy Kester stated the need to receive another bid due to the anticipated cost of the project.

With Supervisor Tom Swearingin abstaining from the vote, Kester and Supervisor David Dotts approved the purchase of a new copier for the Treasurer’s office. Treasurer Kim Swearingin presented two bids to the board, with the board approving the bid from Infomax at $1651 with a $24 monthly service fee.

Auditor Michelle Dooley presented the 2019 fiscal year budget amendments to the board. Majority vote approved with Swearingin and Dotts in favor and Kester voting against the amendments.

Newly hired County Engineer Randy Zerr presented the board with a drawing of land from the Wayne Community School grounds the Wayne County Fair has asked to purchase back. The land the fair will be purchasing is approximately 2.81 acres. Zerr plans to speak with the school regarding this purchase before moving forward.

The farm contract with Tyson Polsdofer was approved with note of $12,000 still being owed to the county. The board also approved the HIPAA Policies and Procedures Manual.

The next regular supervisors meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 20 at 9 a.m.

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