After placing a bids wanted ad for a 2003 Chevy Impala with 98,013 miles, the Wayne County Board of Supervisors opened 13 sealed bids during the June 1 regular meeting. The board accepted the top bid of $3,000 with the next highest bid of $2,555 set as the back up bid should the highest bidder back out.

In other business, Sheriff Keith Davis was in atttendance to discuss his thoughts on offering salary increases to his staff.

“I just wanted to visit with everybody here today about salary for my hourly people,” Davis began. “I sent Michelle [Dooley, County Auditor] my recommendations for salary increases quite some time ago. At that time I recommended a five-percent salary increase for my hourly people.”

“Since that time, I’ve had some reflection on that and the consideration that I may need to increase that more for some of the people, just for retention issues,” Davis continued. “We are not competitive for the same type of work in surrounding counties so I’m going to take a look at what they are doing and try to get us more competitive.”

Davis noted he believed he could stick within his budget as he understood the salaries are currently being taken out of the jail fund that comes from the local option sales tax. 

“As far as affecting any property taxes, it will not affect that if I do have to make some type of amendment to my budget,” Davis stated. 

Davis also added that several weeks of training are needed to fill the positions and the overnight hours are at times hard to fill that may require Davis to use a shift differential pay for those hours. Davis also stated currently there are three deputy sheriff positions open he is actively trying to fill.

“We are really short right now,” Davis said. “We’ve got very good candidates, just hope they pass the test.”

The supervisors also voted to rescind the Wayne County COVID-19 Mask Policy following an unknown person removing the mask signs from the courthouse doors. Masks will no longer be required within the courthouse and will be left to the discretion of each individual entering on their personal usage.

Veteran’s Affairs Director Joella Perry also reminded all of the upcoming Veteran’s dinner being offered on Thursday, June 10 at 6 p.m.

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