Board of Supervisors

During the regular Wayne County Board of Supervisors meeting held on April 22, Veteran’s Affairs Director Joella Perry was present to discuss the need to appoint a commissioner. The board reappointed Terry Snow as commissioner for a term of three years that would begin June 1 of this year.

Perry also requested the board make corrections to end dates for current commissioners LuAnn Argetsinger and Hubert Staggs. Artgetsinger end date would be set for May 31, 2021 and Staggs end date would be set for May 31, 2020.

While present Perry requested approval to hire an administrative contractor.

“We discussed putting it on the agenda to hire a contractor,” Perry began. “I would like to hire a contractor to help out with administrative stuff. I don’t want to hire an employee, but as long as we have a little bit of money, if we had somebody in office to help out with administrative stuff that would be good.”

“I would like to post, according to the law, for two weeks in-house to see if there is anybody inside our area of the county,” Perry continued. “If I get no applications then I would like to for two weeks run it outside in the newspaper. If I do get someone in house, I will bring it back to you and see if you approve.”

“The commissioners have given me their blessing and said as long as I do it by the law then I can move forward.”

The supervisors approved the motion for Perry to post in house the position. Hours will not be stated in job description and will be set by Perry. 

Emergency Management Director Bill Byrns informed the supervisors of plans for the RAGBRAI route to travel through Millerton as they head to Centerville this summer. Byrns is working with County Engineer Randy Zerr on plans to implement name badges for volunteers working as well as placing proper road signage. 

Assistant Engineer Dan Carpenter informed the board of a road update that will change S26 from the Farm-to-Market program to the SWAP program.

“It is important to get north of Allerton paved,” said Interim Engineer Gary Bishop. “I had it down as Farm-to-Market. We found out what our balance was in the Federal Aid SWAP Policy and we were able to change that to SWAP. That frees up Farm-to-Market for something else.”

The board approved the secondarty roads budget as well as the secondary roads construction program. Zerr will be involved with the land survey near the fairgrounds once a resolution is drafted and the bond in place. 

A motion was approved to continue with investment options through Nationwide to county employees for the 450CB.

The next regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors will be held on Monday, May 6 at 9 a.m.

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