Board of Supervisors

A special meeting was held by the Wayne County Board of Supervisors on Feb. 4 to discuss union contracts. Wayne County’s human resources consultant Jack Reed was on hand to update the board on union negotiations.

“It was very good negotiations with the secondary roads union and I compliment them for the way that they understood the new law they had to deal with and had to go about it,” said Reed. “That’s not always the case with collective bargaining laws.”

It was voted on and approved in lieu of the secondary roads union contract the board agrees to the department policy for comp. time to be retro-actively effective from Jan. 20. The current policy is set at 60 hours capped of comp time.

“What do you think about 60 hours?” asked Supervisor Duffy Kester.

“Those guys would always say there needs to be more,” said Assistant Engineer Dan Carpenter. “There definitely needs to be a cap though, what the cap is I don’t know.”

“Beings it is being made by the Board of Supervisors it can be looked at and if it is not what is wanted, we can change it,” said Kester.

“I really like that just for the simple fact that you guys are in control of it,” Carpenter added. “If we get a huge snowstorm and you can see this is going to save the county some money.”

“I think though that with the cap being 60 and with the past two weeks they’re going to be right back to the cap,” said Wayne County Auditor Michelle Dooley. “

“I’d say there’s still going to be some get paid out,” Secondary Roads Superintendent Chad Peck added.

Discussion moved towards applications received for the Wayne County Engineer position. The board agreed they would like to have both Carpenter and Peck be involved in the selection process, as they would be working side by side with the new engineer.

Once the deadline date for applications to be received passes, the board would look at candidates and possibly select any qualified applicants to spend a few days working with the county crew so they are better prepared for the position should they be hired.

“I just want to throw this out there, I know we want to get these jobs started and completed, and I know that is pretty important,” started Kester. “But if we never get another job started and completed versus getting a bum and not getting the right person for the job, that is what is important. That is the reason I want to you two guys (Peck and Carpenter) to be sure on the interview committee.”

“I appreciate that,” Carpenter said.

“It just makes sense,” Peck added.

In further discussion the board voted to pay any courthouse employees that stayed and continued to work on days the courthouse closed early, opened late or didn’t open at all due to weather. Some employees continued working to provide needed services

With the weather related closings, a total of 14 hours were accumulated on those days. The board voted to pay all employees that are non-salary that worked when the courthouse was closed on a pay rate of one-to-one giving them an extra 14 hours of pay during the two-week pay period.

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