Election 2019

As the polls closed at 8 p.m. on Nov. 5 at precincts all across the county, many were anxiously awaiting the results for city and school elections. With seats open on city councils and school boards, every vote would count in this election.

Numbers increased this year with 736 Wayne County residents heading to the polls out of 3,665 registered voters. In 2017, only 544 votes were received increasing the voter turn out rate from 14.84 percent to 20.08 percent this November.

Douglas Downs was re-elected with 48 votes as the Mayor for the City of Allerton. Council members for the City of Allerton being re-elected was Ben Anderson with 49 votes, Jake Reed with 48 and Kennie Jellison with 45.

For the City of Clio, Eric Purvis was elected with 10 votes for the mayor position to fill a vacancy. Also in Clio, Craig Lane was elected to the council with seven votes to fill a vacancy with Tim Ewing finishing with 13 votes for a council member seat.

Running for Mayor in the City of Corydon, it was Dennis Moorman that came out on top with 142 votes over Joshua Shields with 57 votes.

For the City of Corydon to fill a vacancy, Amber Rodgers was elected with 188 votes.

Also for the City of Corydon for two open council at large seats, Kenny Holmes was re-elected with 163 votes. Newly elected to the council, Dawn Christian received 132 votes. Also receiving votes were Kyle Hampton with 70 and Delvin Dresser with 18.

Rae Dean Hughes ran unopposed for the City of Humeston mayor role receiving 67 votes. Council members for the City of Humeston received the following votes: Tyler Wilson, 83; Jeff Stiles, 79 and Tony Hasenkamp, 78.

The City of Lineville saw three names on the ballot for council members. With no write-ins received, Chad VanHorn received 25, Scott Bell with 24 and Tina Holt with 23.

The City of Millerton will see Jim Fetters as mayor with five votes and Danny J. Carpenter on the council with five votes as well.

Brenda DeVore ran for Mayor of the City of Promise City unopposed and received 15 votes while Heth Brown received 14 and Tim Tometich received seven write-ins to be a councilmember.

In the City of Seymour, there were no names cast on the ballots, however they will see two new faces on the council as Heather Tuttle-Sharp received 49 votes and Paula Bellman received 46. Both were elected through write-ins cast while a total of 157 write-ins were received.

In school board elections across the county, Patrick D. Evans received 92 votes, Stephanie Bear received 86 and Elizabeth Dachenbach received 52 write-in votes for the Mormon Trail Community School District. Also receiving votes were Leigh Ann Coffey with 22 and Christine Auxier with 18.

It was a close race in the Seymour Community School District election with three open seats and five candidates on the ballot. With votes coming in from not only Wayne County, but Appanoose County as well, Justin Keller received 205, Danny J. Furlin Jr. received 171 and newly elected to the board Clint Housh received 158.

Others on the Seymour school board ballot receiving votes were Sarah Carter-Jones with 155 and Jamieson Trimble with 103.

For the Wayne Community School District, Bill Byrns was re-elected to fill a vacancy with 370 votes. Three seats at large were open on the board with newly elected Brandon Carpenter receiving 286 votes, Kristina Pollock receiving 277 and Kevin Comer receiving 252.

Others on the Wayne school board ballot were Anne Winslow-Cook with 149 and Anne E. Kruse with 84.

Alan Wilson received 530 votes running unopposed as the Indian Hills District 7 Director.

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