Wayne Community School Board

During the Wayne School Board meeting held on Sept. 23, Superintendent Mike Still gave an update regarding the water leak that was found at the George Saling Athletic Complex during the previous summer. In total three leaks were found at the complex with the largest leak being at the baseball concession stand.

John Buttz of Southern Iowa Plumbing rented a machine from Des Moines to pressurize the system and following the valves being turned on and off the leaks were located on the broken pipe.

“Hopefully we have the problem fixed,” said Still. “We thought it was at the softball field and it ended up having a small leak there along with a small leak on the side of the football concession. The major leak was right at the baseball field.”

“I did have a chance to speak with him (Buttz) on the water meter pit issue and he feels that isn’t costing us money but what it doesn’t do is it doesn’t allow us to use that as a tool to know if we have a water leak,” Still added. “If it worked right we could shut that off and if our meter is still going up then we know we have a leak, but we weren’t able to utilize that. As of now I haven’t told him to fix that but I wanted to know what direction we wanted to go after this.”

“Have you had any discussion with the city on how that might work?” asked Board President Bill Homan.

“Yes, they’re not interested in making any adjustments,” said Still.

Still asked the board to consider purchasing a skid loader to be used for snow removal as well as other uses within the district including the FFA program.

“The snow plow we have on the pickup is in need of some repairs that he (Tim Swan) estimates to be around $2,000,” said Still. “He felt the amount of time it takes in a pickup versus a skid loader would make a difference.”

Swan recently gathered bids for purchasing and leasing options and presented to Still. The board made the decision to hold off on any action until further information could be presented on the purchase.

In other business a resignation request was accepted from Tabatha Purdun with the Nutrition staff. Contracts were offered to Deseree Rogers as full-time custodian, Kim Arnold as High School Assistant Volleyball Coach, Shannon Snow for full-time nutrition, Lisa Johnston as Secondary Special Education Associate, Dave Heneley as full-time custodian, Cheyanne Lochmann for full-time nutrition and Beth Lear for part-time nutrition.

The board accepted two open enrollment applications into Wayne Community, one open enrollment to Centerville Community Schools, one open enrollment to Chariton Community Schools and denied request on one open enrollment into Wayne Community until the student is in good standing within current school district.

Secondary Principal Stacy Snyder informed the board Wayne Community Schools were recognized as one of 149 schools that had no student-athletes or coaches ejected during the 2018-2019 school year as reported from the IHSAA.

The next meeting will be held on Monday, Oct. 21 at 5:30 p.m.

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