Members of the Wayne Community Foundation met on May 26 at the Chris Street Memorial Park in Humeston where they announced the 2020 Wayne Community Foundation grant winners. Pictured above, left to right: Neil McCart, Jill Tueth, Becca Dowdy, Jared Chambers and his son Jett Chambers.

Each spring the Wayne Community Foundation begins the tedious process of application reviews for those entities requesting funds the county is allotted from the gaming dollars within the state. With Wayne County being one of 84 counties in the sate without a casino, a percentage of the state’s gaming tax is distributed to each of the counties that do not hold a state-issued gaming license.

The County Endowment Fund Program began in 2004 and this year the Wayne Community Foundation received 30 grant applications this year with requests over $245,000. Over $99,000 was awarded to non-profit organizations within the county.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a delay in this year’s announcement of winners, however on May 26 members of the Wayne Community Foundation met in Humeston at the Chris Street Memorial Park. A live Facebook video was streamed to their page announcing this year’s grant recipients.

Prairie Trails Wellness Center will receive $26,217.58 that will be used on equipment upgrades within the facility. The Wayne Theatre will use their funds of $19,131.72 towards building repairs.

The Wayne County Fair will receive $12,332 for portable bench seating and an enclosed trailer. The Corydon Old Settler’s Committee also requested funds for seating and after discussion with the Wayne County Fair Board members; these portable-seating options will be available for use within the county at any town celebration events.

The Wayne Community School District requested $10,000 to be used towards weight room upgrades. The Lineville Fire Department will receive $5,430.20 for the fire station building. Funds in the amount of $5,012.70 will stay within the Wayne Community Foundation to be used in philanthropies promotions.

The Milestones Area on Aging requested $5,000 to use towards their project “No Senior Left Behind”. These funds will be used for meal support within the county.

Wayne County Public Health will receive $4,831 that will help secure medicine boxes for home health care. The funds will also be used for respirators, school sanitation system and a special PAPR respirator.

The City of Corydon Lake Conservatory will receive $4,000 to be used towards the rehabilitation of the elk enclosure and for a new picnic shelter. The Prairie Trails Museum and Wayne County Historical Society will receive $3,487.86 for genealogy library shelving, community room furnishings and photographs for the welcome center.

The Food Bank of Iowa will receive $3,000 where the funds will be designated for Wayne County food assistance only. The Seymour Public Library will be receiving $1,448.91 to use towards their light-funding project.

The Wayne County Emergency Management also will receive $410.62 that will be designated for personal protective equipment for Covid-19. With needs surfacing over the course of the last few months, the Foundation designated specific funds for Covid Crisis Relief to help within the community. A Crisis Relief Fund has also been established to allow members of the community to designate and donate funds for any future crises that may arise in Wayne County. 

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