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The Wayne Community School Board held their regular meeting on Aug. 19 with the first day of school for the 2019-2020 school year set to begin on Aug. 23.

Superintendent Mike Still brought up discussion regarding a water leak at the George Saling Athletic Complex.

“We knew there was a leak, but we didn’t know how much was leaking but we had a water bill where it showed just under 500,000 gallons of water used,” said Still. “So about $3,000.”

“This is what I think happened as in our previous month it was a reading of zero for a $30 minimal charge,” Still continued. “You put two and two together and my guess is that meter did not get read.”

“They have found the leak on Friday,” said Still. “We had to dig up a section of concrete on the west side of the north end of the football concession stand and that’s where the leak was coming out of that building.”

“Mrs. Larson how long has our water bill been upside down?” asked Board President Bill Homann

“I can’t answer that,” said Business Manager Denise Larson. “I would have to go back and look.”

“I did go back to May, so I don’t know that answer either,” said Still. “I know Cindy (Comer) went back and looked at the highest bill besides this one and it was two years ago in October and it was $2,000 something.”

“That was from a meter issue then,” said Larson.

“Is there a person I can talk to about this issue,” asked Still.

“Can we make sure someone reads that meter next time?” said Homann.

The board advised Still to reach out to Brandan Trower with the City of Corydon to further look into this issue.

Still informed the board he had no new information at the time of the meeting regarding the land sale to the Wayne County Fair and  on the bus wash building.

With only one bid received the board approved sale of a 2005 van to Tim Swan for $401.

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 16 at 5:30 p.m.


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