Wayne County Conservation

Even with winter in full force and all camping parks currently closed for the season, Wayne County Conservation Director Kenny Banks along with the Conservation Board and employees are staying busy.

With four parks (Corydon Lake Park, Lake Side Park in Humeston, Moore-Gosch Memorial Park outside of Lineville and Bobwhite State Park outside of Allerton) to maintain and the Medicine Creek wildlife area that is currently under repair, the jobs don’t end during off-season.

These four parks carry a total of 648 acres with 211 lake acres that must be maintained throughout the year.

Over the winter months, repairs are made as budget allows including vandalism repairs that happen within the parks.

“During the summer months vandalism doesn’t happen generally,” said Banks. “Almost all vandalism takes place during the winter which is frustrating of course.”

Several improvements have been made to the parks across the county including kayak launchers as well as modern shower houses. Three parks also offer shelters with electricity as well.

The Wayne County Conservation is working with the City of Corydon currently on plans for improving the Corydon Lake Park. Grants for improvements will be looked into once agreements are reached.

“I don’t think it will be long until we see these improvements made to Corydon,” said Banks. “The reason I do this job is for the community because the members of the community are the ones that use the parks”

Banks work with the conservation goes back to his high school years when he worked during seasonal times. After a brief step away to factory work, he returned to do what he enjoys most.

“I’ve traveled all over and we are very fortunate to have what I believe are some of the best parks in Iowa all here in Wayne County,” he added.

The parks are set to reopen April 1 this year for those ready for bust their campers out of storage.

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