Chariton Valley Regional Housing Trust Fund

Many in the county may be unaware, but home assistance for repairs can be found right here close to home. The Chariton Valley Regional Housing Trust Fund is moving into their 10th year to help provide home assistance to those that may be of need, throughout a four-county area.

Wayne County residents along with those hailing from Appanoose, Lucas and Monroe Counties have the ability to apply for a grant or forgivable loan if needing to make necessary repairs to their home. Residents have the ability to receive up to $12,500 if qualifying through their application process form.

Representing members from Wayne County on the Chariton Valley Housing Trust include Denise Becker, Caleb Housh and Dan Rockhold.

“The biggest and best thing is any money raised or donated from an individual or business to the Chariton Valley Housing Trust in Wayne County, stays in Wayne County,” said Becker. “And with the Iowa Finance Authority matching any donations four to one, a $1,000 donation quickly turns into a $5,000 donation for our county.”

Throughout the last nine years, Wayne County has seen $419,306.60 be put back into the county. With the cap being raised from $7,500 to the now $12,500 threshold, that has allowed more help to be given throughout the area.

All funds that are given are kept confidential with loans being recorded in the Wayne County Recorder’s office.

The Chariton Valley Regional Housing Trust Fund also can provide assistance to any city or non-profit organization throughout the four-county region to help tear down any nuisance or abandoned homes. By tearing down homes that are no longer livable, new homes are able to be built to provide housing where needed.

Along with this process, they have also purchased homes to hire contractors to make needed repairs to place the home back on the market to help with the housing needs. Currently, the home at 603 South West Street in Corydon is for sale after purchasing and making repairs.Once the home sells, the money will go back into the fund.

Each home owner looking for assistance with their home will provide necessary materials and be matched upon the income levels to base their need from. If qualifying for a forgivable loan, residents need to remain in the home for a period of five years following the repairs made. If qualifying for a grant, it is not a requirement to remain five years in the home.

With this assitance being provided within our local community the homes help provide an aesthetic appearance to not only residents but visitors alike. A renewed pride in home ownership is another reward to these efforts.

Any improvements that can change the existing condition of the home including rehabilitation and repair of the struction are eligible if the household income quidelines are met. The trust asks the funds to be used for repairs only and not for home additions.

All households that are at or below 80 percent of the median income for the area will be looked at.

Residents needing to make repairs to their home’s roof, windows or doors, plumbing repairs, wiring or electrical updates, furnace or a heat source replacement, water heater replacement or anything else that would be considered a repair can stop into the Wayne County Courthouse to see Becker or apply online at



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