The first snow of the season has created a small timing setback to completing work on roads currently closed in Wayne County. Wayne County Engineer Jeff Skalberg informed the board at the Supervisors Meeting held Nov. 19, that weather permitting, they planned to work on 150th street first, followed by 45th street and finish up with Davis Road.

Skalberg hoped work would be completed by the end of the first week in December. Workers would be clearing snow away and getting back to the task at hand.

Board members and Skalberg commended the county road crew for the work they have done mowing and reclaiming. Skalberg noted Eric Heston, Pat Kelly, Jon Trower, Jeremy Dooley, Charlie Henderson, James McIntosh and Greg Fortune had been behind that work.

“The edging looks nice and it has really taken care of the edge drop off,” said David Dotts.

“I continued to get kudos for the mowing job they’re doing,” Sellers added.

Skalberg noted the plans to head north on Promise City road might be held up for a short time until the snow is melted. Although wanting to make a few more passes in areas, it may be spring before they are there again.

It was also noted the gearbox on the mower was not under warranty that needed to be replaced.

Auditor Michelle Dooley informed the board the phone system contract with SCC Services did not include equipment cost and is $130 per month. The board was aware and the motion was made to approve the full maintenance agreement, which will cover equipment repair, labor and material for defective equipment.

Dooley also reported she filed the audit report post election for the Humeston precinct. All ballots were recounted for the Governor/Lieutenant Governor race by the audit team and the numbers did match the polling machine.

All supervisors reported on meetings attended. Duffy Kester attended the Public Health meeting. He stated he had an upcoming Milestones meeting to attend.

Dotts attending the Lineville City Council meeting where Scott Bell agreed to sit on the Wayne County Housing Group as they are working to have an individual from each town within the county do. He also attended a landfill meeting in Grand River where he reported they purchased a tanker.

Sellers reported he attended a 10-15 transit meeting where he learned an adjoining lot was purchased to help with pedestrian concerns. They are also working to accommodate veterans in our area.

The next regular Board of Supervisors meeting will be held Monday, Dec. 3.

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