Shelley Bickel, Wayne County Public Health Administrator stated three Covid-19 tests would be sent out (today), Monday, March 23 after swabbing two healthcare workers and one citizen on Sunday, however as of Monday morning there are no confirmed cases.

“In a webinar yesterday there will be guidance coming from the Iowa Department of Public Health on the cloth masks,” Bickel said. “They said anyone who has traveled outside of Iowa, when they come back they are to be isolated for 14 days from the day they return. The cases range in age from 41 to 60 and 61 to 80 and believe it or not most in Iowa are in the 41 to 60 range. They reiterated social distancing to keep it from coming into our county.”
“If we do identify a case, we have quarantine and isolation,” said Dr. Joel A. Wells, DO with Wayne County Hospital. “Isolation is you have coronavirus, Covid-19 and we are isolating you away from the rest of society. If you are relatively healthy, but have symptoms, you’re still going to be isolated. We’ve got pretty good science saying the median number of days that you show a virus is somewhere around 20 days. Some people are done in seven to eight and some they have documented up to 37 days, so these people are going to be infectious for a long, long time.”
Emergency Management Director Bill Byrns advised he was contacted by highway patrol on Sunday and received supplies including 500 procedure masks, two boxes of gloves in two sizes, 48 face shields and 108 gowns. No M95 masks were received and Byrns stated he will be attempting to acquire those. 

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