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In the March 22 Wayne Community School Board meeting, Secondary Principal Stacy Snyder informed the board the junior/senior prom date has been set for April 24 and the senior graduation has been set for May 16.

“Next week I will be putting out a letter to all the junior and senior parents regarding prom and I will be putting a letter out regarding graduation,” Snyder began. “As we speak right this minute, the plan is for prom to be as normal as possible. The after prom parents are going to do promenade weather pending like we did graduation out at the fairgrounds stage.”

“If that doesn’t work they said they would do promenade via livefeed doing it as kids walk into the fairgrounds building and no parents would be allowed inside,” Snyder continued. “Prom itself will be at the fairgrounds and have a regular dance. After prom, they are going to divide between the bowling alley, the junior high gym and the high school gym and they will rotate kids in smaller groups of three to kind of minimize the amount of kids in one place. Sanitation between groups will be involved.”

Snyder again reiterated that is the plan as of now for prom. She informed the board she has been in contact with Pastor Daniel Palmer to discuss plans for the baccalaureate service.

“We are working on plans to hold a regular baccalaureate and regular graduation per the kid’s request in the building,” said Snyder. “If we have an outbreak and have to go to something different we can always explore the outdoor option, but I’d like to try to keep the date as steadfast as we possibly can just because families are trying to make plans.”

In other business Head High School Cross Country Coach Aaron Cooper spoke to the board about his desire to keep one coach for the high school program and one coach for the junior high program. He felt this would better serve the athletes and help grow the program.

The next Wayne Community School Board meeting is set for Monday, April 19 at 5:30 p.m.

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