Mike Still

The Wayne Community School Board held a special meeting on May 8 where it was decided who would be the next man in to replace Superintendent Dave Daughton who will be retiring at the end of the current school year. After receiving several applications for the position, the board announced the position has been offered to Mike Still, the current secondary principal at Lenox Community School.

The Lenox school district settles all contracts annually in April, and with his acceptance of the Wayne Superintendent position Lenox will be holding a special meeting on May 13 to begin the procedures for releasing Still from his contract. He will be completing the current school year with Lenox before his duties begin at Wayne on July 1, which will begin his three-year contract with Wayne.

Lenox is a town approximately 60 miles away that is very comparable in size to Corydon, with just shy of 200 fewer people.

“Lenox typically has 30 to 40 less students than Wayne yearly, but overall is very comparable to the Wayne district,” said Still. “I think the community atmosphere will be just the same, only an hour and twenty minutes apart.”

Still will be making plans for his move to the Corydon area with his wife Alicia following their son Carter’s high school graduation from the Lenox Community School on Sunday, May 19. Carter will be heading to college this fall at Northwest Missouri State, where their oldest child, daughter Teya is currently enrolled as well. 

“We are taking it one thing at a time and figured once our son’s graduation was over we could begin the process for getting moved into the area,” Still said. “I am looking forward to meeting everyone at Wayne including staff and students and making new relationships within the community.”

Still has been the secondary principal of Lenox Community School for eight years before previously working at the Mount Ayr School District for nine years and is previous teacher within the East Union school district. He has been involved in various roles including alternative school director, coach and athletic director.

“I am a southern Iowa guy that has been working in smaller school districts for 19 years,” Still added. “I am a big advocate for smaller schools as I feel they provide more opportunities for students as well as more activities.”

During his time at Lenox he has been involved with the Capturing Kids’ Hearts program and received notice of being selected as a National Showcase School for the 2018-2019 school year.

“I know Wayne is involved in the Capturing Kids’ Hearts program as well and I am excited to step in and see what they’ve learned as well as bringing in my ideas,” said Still.

Still holds a B.A. in Secondary Business Education from Northwest Missouri State University, a M.S. of Education in Educational Leadership and a Specialist Certificate for Superintendent Licensure from Iowa State University.

“Through my program at Iowa State I believe it has prepared me to be a leader,” Still added. “I enjoyed my time at Lenox, but I am ready for the next step and the timing just felt right now.”

“It was a little tough when we made the move from Mount Ayr to Lenox as my kids back then were in sixth grade and a freshman in high school,” said Still. “While we will be moving away from our new home we built, I as well as my family are excited for this opportunity and new challenge.”

Still will be attending the Wayne Community School Board meeting scheduled for May so he may begin seeing how the process works within the district before he officially takes over his new role.

“I will be making trips to the area and can’t wait to meet community members as I begin the transition for this move,” said Still. “I want to be sure the district is running smoothly and I look forward to this new opportunity.”

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