At the July 23 Wayne Community School Board meeting, two school board members, Mandi Goretska and Bill Byrns were not present. Elementary Principal, Boyd Sinclair, was also not at the meeting.

The agenda and minutes from the previous school board meeting on June 25 were approved.

Secondary Principal Stacy Snyder started her report with Wayne Pride notes, which included Jared Middlebrook placing third in the Iowa Amputee Golf Tournament, Seth Sheriff winning a gold medal for golf at the Iowa Games, and Kelley Lavely, Suzie Hitt and Payton Hitt were appreciated for their work in the school garden this summer. The FFA Officer team was also mentioned for presenting their work on the Wayne County Fairground’s farrowing and finishing barn and the Wayne Community School garden during the Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, Mike Naig’s, visit to Wayne Community School.

Snyder also covered POI All-Conference: for softball pitcher Haylee Fortune, catcher Tylar Greene, infielder Sterling Berndt, outfielder Raegan Tilley, second team infielder Emily Jones and second team outfielder Camryn Jacobsen. For academic softball, players are Raeshel Andrews, Haylee Fortune, Tylar Greene, Raegan Tilley, Jacinda Reed, Brooke Bailey, Lexi Brazeal and Ali Wik. All district softball players were Haylee Fortune and Sterling Berndt.

The names for baseball have not yet been released.

In the monthly review, Snyder spoke about former Wayne Community School student, Tyler Anderson, and his donation to help students pay for their lunch. The final number was 207 kids of 101 families were positively impacted with his donation.

Superintendent Dave Daughton filled in for Elementary Principal, Boyd Sinclair, for his elementary board report. He reported that playground repairs have been made by Terry Jones, who has done board replacements and tightened chains on the grounds. The elementary lunchroom has had new floor installed and new carpet will be coming for three classrooms. Wayne Elementary has also advertised staff openings for paraprofessional positions.

Daughton then gave his superintendent’s report, which included two donations to Wayne Community School by individuals who wished to remain anonymous. One donated $1,000 to assist with school safety and the other donated to help pay for student lunch accounts after they were inspired by Tyler Anderson’s donation.

Daughton later went over information about an employee handbook for the school.

“We have been in need of an employee handbook,” he said, adding that it has been suggested that they should have one by their attorney. “Over the course of the last year, Mrs. Enright took multiple examples and started building on it. And then we made it applicable to ourselves and then added some things and eliminated some things. Then we looked it over again and then I had a non-certified staff and teacher look over it.” The non-certified staff member and teacher approved of it after looking it over. Daughton said that they have not had a handbook in the past, but they should have.

Snyder had mentioned making an addition to the employee handbook about vape lookalikes.

“There are vapes that are designed to not look like actual vapes,” she said, bringing up one example of vapes now being made to look exactly like USB drives.

After some discussion on other lookalike vapes, the school board decided to approve the employee handbook with the addition of banning the use of vapes and their lookalikes by employees.

The board then went into closed session.

The next school board meeting is scheduled for Aug. 20 at 5:30 p.m.

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