Wayne Community School Board

Following a closed session at the end of the Wayne Community School Board regular meeting held on Feb. 18, the board approved an early retirement requests submitted by Superintendent Dave Daughton and bus driver Debbie McDannald. Daughton and McDannald will receive early retirement benefits and the retirement will not go into effect until the end of the 2018-2019 school year.

Earlier in the meeting Daughton presented the board with a plan of action on how to make up missed school days due to bad weather this winter. As of press time, Wayne schools will be making up seven student days as of Feb. 20.

While Feb. 15 was originally scheduled as a day off, this day was used as one make up day. This leaves six additional days to make up.

Classes will now be in session on Thursday, April 18. This was originally scheduled as a staff-learning day.

Classes will also be held on Monday, April 22. This was originally scheduled as a vacation day for the Easter holiday weekend.

The remainder of the days has now been added onto the end of the school calendar. School dates will be continued on May 28, 28, 30 and 31.

These are the amended school dates approved by the board, however the school calendar is subject to change pending further weather related cancellations should they arise.

In other business, Kelley Lavely and Suzanne Hitt with the Wayne Community Nutritional Department were present to update the board on findings from their most recent review that is held every three years. While the formal review results had yet to be received, Lavely reported she was informed the previous year there were seven technicals in office and this year there were zero.

Lavely praised the work done by Superintendent Administrative Assistant Cindy Comer. She also stated praise was given to Elementary Principal Boyd Sinclair.

The board approved a resignation request from Melanie Halftery as the Student Council Advisor. Halferty was praised for her commitment in that role she has held since 2013.

An open enrollment request was approved for a family to attend Wayne Community School from the Seymour Community School District for the 2019-2020 school year.

The board was open for further discussion allowing Daughton to look into the possible sale of approximately three acres of land back to the county for the usage by the Wayne County Fair. They will proceed with receiving further information on this as the Fair Board has expressed interest in this purchase.

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