Volunteers made the trip to Cedar Rapids area to disassemble seating that will be installed into the Wayne Theatre. Pictured sitting in front: Anne Winslow-Cook, Amber Rodgers, Laura Henderson, Bond DeBolt-Drager and Chelsey Markle (crouching). Standing across back: Dalton Couchman, Zach Nading, Bruce Lange, Brady Hackney, Joe Drager, Wade Henderson, Kendra Baynes, Josh Baynes, Darcia Lange, Keith Miller, Mary Alley Miller and Randy Downs. 

If you’ve driven by the Wayne Theatre in the last week you may notice the front of the building has a brighter appearance following the resurfacing that was done. The remodeling isn’t stopping there however.

The Wayne Theatre was presented with an opportunity to obtain new seating at no cost to the theatre. The seats valued at $24,000 were located in Cedar Rapids and with the help of 17 volunteers, they were dissembled over the past weekend and returned to Corydon.

Board President Amber Rodgers was tagged in a Facebook post regarding the seats being available. The Collins Road Theatre was damaged in the August derecho and through insurance would be receiving new seats, yet didn’t want the old seating to be thrown out. While some had slight damage, most were in perfect condition. 

The Theatre Board made the decision to close beginning November 1 until Thanksgiving as they will work to install the new seating that is complete with  armrests that can be moved up and down with webbed bottom cupholders. 

The seats are approximately six years old and made an easy to clean vinyl material. They are the same size as the current seating and can accomodate all sizes. 

Once the seats are installed, the board is planning more renovations including possibly moving the ticket stand to the middle of the theatre as it once was many years before. Once the current ticket booth area is freed up, they hope to move the concession area in the space to allow customers to make popcorn purchases without attending a showing.

The theatre board will again be calling on volunteers to help with installation of the 247 new seats. 

“We plan to work on Saturdays with volunteers and experienced helpers can come in at their convenience throughout the rest of the week if they make arrangements with myself or Susie,” said Rodgers. “We will not work on Sunday due to the church services and we’ll need to work in blocks to take out seats and replace them so the church has adequate seating for their Sunday service.”

Members of the board include Rodgers, President; Anne Winslow-Cook, Vice President; Susie DeVore, Treasurer; Susan Henderson, Secretary; Malisha Hagan, Philip Jones, Brett Fetters and Connie Snook West. There is currently one vacant seat following Virginia Ireland stepping down that will be filled at the next board meeting. 

The theatre plans to reopen the weekend following Thanksgiving for retro Disney titles such as The Santa Clause and Frozen. Keep your eyes open for ads here in the Times-Republican or by following the Wayne Theatre Facebook page for updates. 

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