Justin Peters

T.R.: Coach give us a little history about how you got into coaching and why it sticks with you. You are a family man; what are some opportunities you see at Wayne that interested and brought you here?

Coach Peters: My wife and I were looking for a small town to raise our kids in, so we looked in Iowa and in Utah where my parents currently live. Corydon offered a lot of recreational and family opportunities and what we were looking for in a small town as a family.

  I will be coaching football and teaching weight room while monitoring the at-risk students and helping them get to graduation. There is a good possibility I will be coaching other sports at various levels.

  The program here at Wayne was very appealing to me professionally, because Wayne has a strong foundation for athletics, and it also has some real opportunities to improve the overall programs.

  I played football and baseball in high school. In college I played 2 years of baseball with Simpson College. We were ranked 18th in the nation in division 3 Baseball my Sophomore year.

  I was able to start coaching while in college where I coached for an 8th grade team.  My 2nd year I was able to coach a freshmen team while student teaching.

  My first teaching job was out in Grand Junction, Colorado. I was very privileged to be part of a varsity team as a defensive assistant in their two years of going to the quarterfinals in 5A football.

  After that I was hired as a head Baseball coach for two years and as a defensive coordinator of the football team at a co-op Sedgwick County and Julesburg High School ( Colorado). I had a great team of baseball players: going 45-4 in a two year span. We won the conference twice and were the state runner up the first year I was the coach.

  In 2015 I was hired to be the head coach at Davenport West High School. It was a struggling program and my goal was to help them learn what it takes to be competitive. We where only 14 points shy of having the first winning season in 2 decades.

 I am now in my 13th year of coaching. I am excited to be starting here at Wayne High School. I am looking forward to seeing my own sons come up through a positive and well developed program.

TR: What about a character analysis of Head Coach Peters? What is your measuring tool for a first year success story at the helm of Falcon Football?

Coach Peters: I am a coach that has two levels of operation. I have a fun switch and I also have a serious switch. I enjoy being laid back in certain situations, but with a "lets get it done perfectly" attitude.

 To be successful in coaching is driven by two factors in my mind. How hard will the players play on Friday night? Are they learning to be successful community members? I am a strong believer that those two things must come together for it to be a team that can accomplish anything. In my time at Davenport West, the players had to be ready to learn those two things.

Before I took over the program, West had won 2 games in 5 years. After 5 years with the program the varsity was 14 points away from the first winning season in 2 decades. The sophomore team had a winning season and the freshmen team was undefeated.

 -Progress is all about the work we do with all players, at all levels, from youth to varsity.-

TR: Coach, you will be the 3rd head coach that some of the seniors have played for in their high school years.Why will players want to put 100℅ into Falcon Football this season?

Coach Peters: I’ve had some good conversations with senior players that have the same concerns. My advice to them was:

 "If you love the game and your teammates: you will give that whole hearted effort needed for your team to come together."

  -We need to understand that mind set and do whats needed to succeed, regardless who the coach is. Coaching changes are not easy. I just want them to understand that I am here to see that they have the best season possible-.

You only get to play certain sports for a short time in your life. We can't let them miss out on that opportunity, and we have to make it count. 

TR: Coach, can you give us a few highlights that we can expect from a Coach Peters game plan?

 Coach: I don’t want to give out too much information on what I do. I will tell you that what we do will allow us to put the best players on the field to be successful.

 That doesn’t mean the most talented. I'm saying the guys who are willing to go all out at the position they are good at will get my attention.

  My system allows kids to play football to their best abilities. It will make us look like we do a lot of different things. My goal for this to be a success; is to allow every athlete a chance to fight for a position on the field every week. Our younger team players are just as important as our older players.

TR: Coach, what will be the character you will establish for your staff and players on the sidelines and in the classrooms?

 Coach: Each coach will have certain things they will need to be keeping track of during the game. At the top will be making sure their position groups are doing things fundamentally correct, on both sides of the ball.

-As the coaches learn my system it will start running like a well-oiled machine. That focused mechanism of parts includes  the players all the way up to me as the head coach.

 Leadership in our players can not be an overstatement ...I am a big fan of senior leadership. This does not mean that someone in a different grade level can’t be a leader, but it’s my job to put these kids in situations where they have to be leaders. Football is a great way to put kids into situations where they are to be relied upon by their teammates: to lead or make an important decision for the program.

 -Like I said earlier, effort given and being a successful person in this community are two keys to a successful program and it all starts with leadership-.


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